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Subjected to Police Misconduct or Abuse in Washington, D.C.? Our Washington, D.C. Police Brutality Attorneys Will Help You Obtain Justice

We have seen time and again that the same men and women belonging to law enforcement agencies who are supposed to serve and protect us often abuse the power vested in them by using excessive force or simply “beating up” suspects. Furthermore, in order to then defend themselves, they may just create false evidence or even lie on the stand while on oath.

Obviously, a suspect being a suspect and the law enforcement officer being a law enforcement officer, the credibility factor is going to be largely in favor of the officer and this bias is undeniable and unfair.

However, we all have certain rights and protections that we can use and exercise. If these rights are violated, be it by a cop or anyone else, then we can file a civil lawsuit against the person and claim compensation for the economic and non-economic damages that may have ensued.

Police brutality has no excuse and it is imperative that people stand up against it by taking legal action because otherwise, the officer will go on to do the same to more and more victims.

You have a civic duty to report this and our legal pros, anyone of them, will help you deal with this situation and this wall that stands before you. Our legal representatives have the key so you can open the door to reach other side of this wall.

This is not Cuba or Russia, you have every right to call out this sort of behavior.

What is police misconduct?

Police misconduct can come in many forms and manners. Here are some ways in which excessive force, police misconduct, police brutality, and so on may manifest itself:

Why does police misconduct take place?

There are several reasons and factors which could all cumulatively come together to give rise to an officer abusing his or her power. Some of these reasons are poor training, pressure to get convictions, racist inclination, personality disorders, and sometimes even intoxication and bad judgment.

What can I do if I am the victim of police brutality?

As mentioned, you have certain rights and protections. The best course of action if you believe that any of these rights were violated is to consult with a salient and committed District of Columbia police brutality lawyer to find out what your legal options are, how strong your case is, and what sort of evidence you have going for you.

A preliminary consultation with a legal professional is often free of cost and will be a sagacious way for you to assess how to go forward with you case. What are you waiting for? You can set up a free initial consultation right now. Simply use the interactive map or search through local lawyers’ directory on our home page and get all the contact information you need for a legal counselor/s that will know how to pursue this time of case.

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If you have any questions or concerns, you can fill out our quick contact form and we will call you back right away, within a day for sure. You may also connect with one of our capable representatives via the live chat option so you can send them your information so we can call you back as well. We will help you find the legal professional that help make this wrong a right.

This type of behavior cannot be tolerated.