A Cobb County police officer made a sarcastic remark to a female passenger after pulling over the driver who was allegedly operating their vehicle while under the influence. The remark that was meant to help the woman feel more at ease as she was nervous and unsure if she should place her hands in her lap to retrieve her cell phone has now led to an internal investigation and an officer placed on administrative leave.

Ajc.com has provided the dash cam footage that allows you to see the officer conducting the traffic stop as well as hear the conversation that went on between him and the passenger who was riding in the car with the DUI offender. Both the police officer and the woman were white and the comment made was not only racist but also sheds light on a recurring issue that needs to come to an end- the issue of police shooting and killing innocent black individuals.


More than 258 black people were killed by police in 2016 alone.

[Source: Huffington Post].


While social media has done a great job at displaying situations involving unarmed black people being shot and killed by white officers, this dash cam only proves we have a serious issue on our hands. Many people are wrongfully killed by police all over the U.S. and sadly, many officers are able to go home to their families and return to their jobs without receiving any sort of consequences for taking an innocent life.


So, what did this Cobb County lieutenant say that has police brutality attorneys cringing?

Here is a short dialogue of the conversation below:


After the woman states that she is afraid and says ” I’ve just seen way too many videos of cops,” officer Abbott cuts her off with his reply and here it is:

“But you’re not black. Remember, we only shoot black people.” He continues on “Yeah, we only kill black people right? All the videos you’ve seen, have you seen the black people get killed?”

Whether Abbot was trying to ease the situation with a joke or adding sarcasm into the mix, it was inappropriate and definitely unprofessional. Now, Abbott is being investigated as his comment may also imply that he only targets black people and won’t hesitate to pull his weapon out and use it on the sole basis that a person is black.

The news source site has indicated that Officer Abbott is in compliance with the department and the investigations that are being conducted, however, with 28 years on the force, he should have been able to find another way to ease the female passenger’s mind aside from what was said.


Are you a victim of police brutality?


While there are several commendable officers on duty who truly care about protecting their community, there are others on the force who abuse the rights they have. This often results in mistreatment, abuse, and even death. It is important that you know your rights and what can be done if an officer of the law abuses their power. If you feel you are the victim to any type of police mistreatment, USAttorneys.com wants to connect you with a local police brutality attorney in your city who can help you settle your matter and seek justice for the physical or physiological pain you have had to endure.