In Delaware, there have been forty-eight investigations of police brutality involving more than seventy police officers in just over a decade. This represents the cases that actually saw a courtroom and not those that were thrown out over technicalities. Seeking representation from a Wilmington police brutality attorney is crucial for victims who not only want justice, but want to see change in the legal processing of these cases.


Excessive force by police officers can be challenging to prove given the current political landscape in America today. Cases are typically broken down into physical, verbal and emotional categories. Actions like unreasonable searches, false arrests or imprisonment, excessive use of tasers, unreasonable aggression, harassment or racial profiling; are just some of the excessive behaviors someone can experience.


A victim should seek a Wilmington police brutality attorney to navigate the legal system and all of the processes involved.


For far too long, those who have found themselves at the center of these cases have not had the voice of justice working for them. Their stories have been lost in years of legal confusion and parades of court dates. Many victims abandon their cases because they were charged with a crime in the altercation. Charging a victim is a tactic often used to justify the excessive actions of an officer.


These are all reasons to work with a Wilmington police brutality attorney rather than hoping the truth comes out through a victim’s police report. Liability rests with anyone who uses the legal system to infringe on a citizen’s constitutional rights.


Law enforcement has many resources when it comes to working through a police brutality case in Wilmington. In fact, sometimes allegations brought against one officer, can turn into a case against an entire police department because they’ve failed to properly train their force. With so much on the line, victims risk having their case dismissed if they haven’t followed the proper procedures.


Tools like body cameras and witness video testimony have helped in the prosecution of these cases, but these valuable pieces of evidence can be thrown out if a victim doesn’t position their case well. Harrington Delaware resident Jermaine Newcomb has found himself in this very situation. Newcomb says he was a victim of police brutality in February 2018 [supported by witness video] after an incident at a casino involving an officer and a K-9 unit. An internal affairs investigation revealed the officer was justified in using excessive force.


Further, while policies are in place for an officer’s actions at the time of an event, there are no current federal accountability procedures within existing statues for potential criminal behavior that follow the event.


It should be stated that police officers exist for the protection of citizens in Wilmington and most are committed to upholding that oath. Unfortunately, there are others who overstep their authority and infringe upon the rights of the very people they are charged with protecting. Police brutality is a serious accusation, but it is an even more serious crime.


If you believe you’ve been the victim of a police brutality situation in the city of Wilmington, Delaware; would like to support you by connecting you with the most qualified attorney in your area to handle your case.



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