Police brutality sounds like an outdated concept, but it is one of those phenomenon’s that is swept under the rug by authorities. Police brutality cases make the government look corrupt, but if people think their law enforcement isn’t worth respecting, then people would stop listening to the government and riots would ensue. For that reason, approximately 97% of police brutality cases do not result in the officer being charged with a crime or reprimanded in any way, based on a national statistic from 2015.

However, people in the United States are starting to lose their patience when it comes to police brutality. Protests erupt every time police brutality incidents go so far as to end in the undeserving death of a civilian. Likewise, police brutality cases in New Castle County must not go undetected. Fear of retaliation silences most victims, but you don’t have to stay quiet about what you’ve experienced.

If you or someone you know has been the victim in a police brutality case, you deserve justice and legal support. Are you unsure whether or not what you experienced was police brutality? We have you covered. Read on to learn more about police brutality.

Definition of Police Brutality

Police brutality is defined as the use of unnecessary force, unreasonable violence, and exaggerated behavior utilized during an interaction with a civilian. The most publicized forms of police brutality include unnecessary force, false imprisonment, battery with items such as mace, and use of weapons on a police’s person. The Cato Institute found that the number one method of police brutality is excessive force, followed by sexual assault as the second most common form.

Even though New Castle County police are taught de-escalation tactics during their time in basic training academies, police brutality can still happen. Excessive force usually occurs in the heat of the moment when emotions are running high, as do most forms of police brutality. However, there is never an excuse for police to brutalize the civilians they are supposed to protect.

Police brutality attorneys in New Castle County will represent your case no matter the form of abuse you endured at the hands of law enforcement. It is important to remember that no case is too small to receive legal assistance. There is no threshold that your experience in New Castle County must reach in order to merit attention. New Castle County police brutality attorneys are here to assist you, no matter what.

How to Find a Police Brutality Attorney Near You

Realizing that you have faced brutality at the hands of the police is the first step on the path to justice. From there, you will need to hire an attorney who specializes in police brutality cases. It is best to search locally for the sake of convenience. Luckily for you, U.S. Attorneys has put together a database of police brutality attorneys near you. Use our website today and locate lawyers who can help you win your case.

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