Delaware Police Officer Fired Over “Racially Biased” Social Media Post

A police officer in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware has been fired over a social media post his department claims was “inappropriate” and “racially biased.” The Washington Post says that internal law enforcement resources became aware of the post and alerted their counterparts of its inappropriate content. The seasonal officer was then fired from his/her position. Lt. Jaime Riddle, who serves as Rehoboth Beach police’s public information officer, announced that the department would not be sharing the image or text associated with the post as the department does not want to “amplify this type of unprofessional and discourteous behavior.”

The name of the officer has not been disclosed.


Police Officer Fired Over Inappropriate Social Media Post


The unidentified Delaware police officer isn’t the first to face disciplinary action for posting controversial photos/comments on social media. In fact, WBRC recently reported that an Alabama police officer was also fired after Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis says the officer posted a picture showing a black protestor in the crosshairs of a rifle scope. Derzis said the post “sickened him” and officer Ryan Snow was later terminated. Derzis also issued this statement, “[The post] did not adhere to the standards expected of every officer who wears their uniform.”

A Butler Police officer who was initially placed on administrative leave after posting a racially insensitive comment on Facebook was also fired from their position after the Butler Police Department located in GA received a complaint about the comment on June 21st [Source: WGXA]. After the comment was reported, the officer was put on administrative leave pending an investigation into the post but after it was determined the post was in violation of the department’s policies, the officer was fired.

Butler Police Chief Kain Cobb later spoke out after the officer was terminated and said, “I stand firmly on the belief that officer misconduct is absolutely intolerable, and I abhor any officer who carries out their duties in an illegal or unethical manner. I assure you that complaints lodged against any member of the Butler Police Department be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action will be taken. We will continue to strive to maintain the trust of all people and to protect the life and property of others, unbiased.”


Did a Rehoboth Beach, Delaware police officer act unfairly toward you because of your race, gender, or religion?


If you believe an officer of the law treated you unfairly or used your race or religion as their basis for searching and/or arresting you, you may have a valid claim against the officer and/or the department. If you are interested in filing a complaint against the Delaware officer or would like to explore the other legal options that are available to you, USAttorneys.com would be happy to get you connected with the best Delaware police brutality lawyers in your city.