19 year old Mubarak Soulemane was fatally shot by a state trooper Brian North following a car chase on Interstate 95 on January 15th, 2020. Soulemane allegedly stole the car in Norwalk and led the police on a car chase that lasted over an hour to West Haven.

Soulemane was Stunned and Shot

State police patrol and body camera videos show that one of the officers used a stun gun on Soulemane before North shot him multiple times. Soulemane, while leading the police on a chase, struck a civilian’s vehicle and two state police cruisers before the troopers finally managed to stop his car by boxing it in.

West Haven police responded to the scene as well. One of the West Haven officers smashed the stolen car’s passenger door window to get to Soulemane. The officer shot him with a stun gun which did not seem to work. This is when Brian North stepped in and fired his handgun multiple times through the window on the driver’s side.

State police claim that North shot Soulemane only when he brandished a knife. Soulemane was going to continue to put the public at risk – many people North is a hero.

Soulemane’s Family Sues For $10 Million

The family claims that Mubarak was suffering from schizophrenia (many people are asking what does this have to do with protecting the public?) and was a student of community college. Relatives of the 19-year old Connecticut man seek $10 million from local and state police departments as wrongful death damages. Legal notices were filed on February 20th, 2020.

The motivated lawyer for the family has sought permission from the state claims commissioner to sue top state police officials and the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection for seemingly not allowing a violent person to continue on his rampage. This includes Public Safety Commissioner James Rovella.

Omo Mohammed, Soulemane’s mother, told in an interview that she wanted justice for her son and wanted the policeman to go to jail for what he did for stopping her son from continuing to harm the public. Attorney for the family has shown intentions to sue the West Haven town and local police officials as well for an undisclosed amount because apparently – he believes out of control young men should not be stopped from stealing cars and driving wildly.

Holding Connecticut Police Officers Responsible

Police brutality and misconduct can come in various forms. Victims have the right to be vindicated if they have experienced assault at the hands of law enforcement officials, illegal searches, harassment, or false arrest. The right police brutality lawyer can create a strong case to hold the offending authorities responsible and make them pay significant compensatory and punitive damages.

It is impossible to hold offending law enforcement officials accountable unless victims step forward and put an end to gross abuse of civil rights. Police misconduct typically includes use of excessive force, false arrest, illegal search, illegal seizure, malicious prosecution, and harassment. Victims need a police brutality attorney to be aware of their rights.

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