Shoulder injuries are one of many types of injuries a victim of a car accident might suffer. The shoulder, which is “held in place by a group of four muscles and tendons, called a rotator cuff,” can become damaged as a result of the impact of a crash, and may require surgery if the injury doesn’t heal with treatment such as an anti-inflammatory medicine [Source: WebMD]. Some common types of shoulder injuries that are sustained in car crashes include:


Dislocation. If the shoulder is pulled back “too hard or rotated too far,” the top part of the arm may pop out of its socket, according to WebMD, which could cause a person to experience pain, swelling, numbness, and even bruising.


Separation. When the ligaments holding together the acromioclavicular (AC) joint are torn, which is “where the collarbone and shoulder blade come together,” it can cause the collarbone to get pushed out of place.


Fracture. Sometimes, accidents result in an individual suffering a break or crack in their collarbone or humerus, which is the “arm bone closest to the shoulder.” A fracture or crack could result in the shoulder sagging, making it difficult for the victim to raise their arm.


Cartilage tear. The “rubbery padding” located around the rim of the shoulder joint is called cartilage. The cartilage can become injured in an accident when the “shoulder absorbs a lot of force.” According to WebMD, this type of injury can cause a person to experience pain when they reach their arm up and they may also feel as though their shoulder is “catching, locking, or grinding.”


Rotator cuff tear. The rotator cuff is comprised of a group of muscles and tendons that allow a person to “hold their arm in place” and allows them to lift it above their head. A rotator cuff tear may cause a person to experience pain and they may hear a cracking sound when the shoulder is moved, according to WebMD.


Are shoulder injuries compensable after a car accident in San Antonio, TX?


If an individual suffered a shoulder injury in an auto accident in San Antonio, TX, they may be entitled to recover compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and much more. Generally, after an accident, a victim might be inclined to file an insurance claim with the other party’s insurer or theirs, however, they are encouraged to speak with a San Antonio, TX accident lawyer first. The accident attorneys at The Texas Law Giant can prep an injured party for the claims process and ensure they are properly compensated for their injuries and losses.

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