A South Carolina man who attended a protest that was held on May 31st near the Columbia Police Headquarters has filed a federal lawsuit against several parties after he was shot by police multiple times with rubber bullets. Many police agencies have resorted to using tear gas and rubber bullets to ward off violent protestors although many have been called out for using them during calm and civilized protests. While officials have said that the rubber bullets are considered to be less lethal, that doesn’t mean they won’t cause a person who has been shot with one to suffer serious injuries.

News 19 recently reported that a SC man has filed suit against the Richland County Sheriff’s Department (RCSD), Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, the City of Columbia, City of Columbia Police Department (CPD), and unknown members of RCSD, CPD and South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) Special Response Team officers for the injuries he suffered while he was peacefully protesting. The source says that while the protest started at the State House, it began moving toward the Columbia Police Headquarters on Washington Street.

As protestors marched toward the building, they were greeted by law enforcement officers who were positioned behind barricades wearing riot gear. The plaintiff says that officers prevented the protestors from moving forward and “he believes Sheriff Lott gave the order to push the protestors back away from the barricades” while they were chanting. Shortly after, the male says a scuffle broke out which caused a deputy to draw his baton and swing it at protestors. After that, tear gas was released, and officers began firing rubber bullets into the crowd as protestors scattered.


SC Protestors Preaching to End Police Brutality Become a Victim of it


After the rubber bullets were fired, the SC man says he was hit in the back, stomach, and leg. The source shared photos of the areas where the man was hit and in them significant bruising can be seen. The source also says one of the bullet wounds had even become infected. The attorney hired to represent the man has said that officials had no reason to shoot the rubber bullets because the “protestors were peaceful and standing behind the established barricades.”

In his lawsuit, the SC man has requested a jury trial and is seeking “change and an end to police brutality.” The lawsuit also accuses officials of excessive force and negligence.


Did a Columbia, SC police officer intentionally injure you during a protest or another type of encounter?


If you were injured by a South Carolina police officer and you are seeking justice for the pain and suffering you have had to endure, the Columbia, SC accident lawyers at the Clekis Law Firm would be happy to help you understand the process you must go through to obtain this. Police brutality has been and continues to be a serious issue for South Carolina residents and it is time victims exercise their rights and fight back against the awful treatment they were exposed to.


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