When an individual is given an extreme amount of power then there is always the fear that the power will be abused, and the police force is no exception. In fact, there are many factors which are attributed to the governing police body which actually create the environment in which officers begin to feel they have the right to abuse their power and authority. Believe it or not, in many cases, these officers feel like they are actually doing the right thing.

A very strict hierarchy

A study in the Canadian Journal of Police and Security Services revealed that individuals who are part of a very strict hierarchy show a lesser ability to think rationally when making decisions and to show reasonable feelings. The police force in Denver, CO follows one of the strictest hierarchy’s across the USA and that could easily be what leads a large portion of offending officers to behave in the manner which they do. A hierarchy can be a good thing and in many cases, it is necessary to maintain order, but just like almost everything else, even too much of a good thing can have some seriously negative consequences.

The blue code of silence

Yes, there is actually such a thing. The unwritten blue code of silence entails those police officers who witness the crimes or cases of brutality which their colleagues committed remain silent even when questioned at court. In other words, officers who follow the blue code cannot tell on their fellow officers if they see them breaking the law. Naturally, this creates a very toxic environment and leads to many unjust arrests. This is also a major reason why so many cases of brutality are left unnoticed and ignored. The Huffington Post confirms that many officers across America do practice the blue code of silence.


Some officers may also believe that the law is not harsh enough and they may feel like it is their duty to fix society. Therefore, they go against the law and cause as much harm as they possibly can while somehow intending to do good.

Specifically, the main reason why officers are allowed to do any of the above is due to the fact that the internal investigation system for police officers is very weak. This has given more power than necessary to these individuals and it may even make them feel like they are above the law. Gratefully, despite how they may feel, police officers are not above the law and if the rights steps are taken then they can and will be penalized for their wrong actions.

If an individual has been subjected to this crude thinking and an officer has used brutality against them then they should definitely call in a police brutality lawyer to determine how many of their right has been violated. A police brutality lawyer in Denver, CO will not only help them figure out which rights were taken away by that specific interaction but they can also go a step further and help collect witnesses, pieces of evidence, and other required documents to fight one’s case properly.

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