Colorado, Father Sues Colorado Springs Police Department After Being Tased While Visiting with His Daughter in the ICU

The Colorado Springs Police Department is being recognized yet again for officer misconduct, this time in a lawsuit. According to KDVR, military veteran C.J. Anderson arrived at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs last April with his fiancée and daughter after the child was accidentally struck by the family’s vehicle. The child was placed in the intensive care unit of the hospital after suffering a crack in the skull. As you can imagine, the incident had family members shaken up.

But while Anderson was standing beside his 19-month-old daughter’s bedside, he was approached by officers who asked him for his cellphone. Officers believed the incident may have stemmed from child abuse and there may have been evidence that proved this on the phone. After Anderson refused to hand over his phone claiming the officers had no right to take it as they hadn’t obtained a warrant, one officer was accused of attempting to grab it out of Anderson’s pocket.

One thing led to another and Anderson was then tased. After being taken down to the ground by several officers, Anderson was then tased a second time. He claims that while he and his significant other were “focused on treatment… officers were plotting their investigation.” Officers then confiscated Anderson’s phone along with his fiancée’s and arrested Anderson on charges of obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. No charges were ever filed in connection with the child abuse allegations.

The news source says the charges that were filed against Anderson were later dropped in the fall of 2019.


Anderson Files a Lawsuit


About a year after the incident occurred in the middle of the ICU room where his daughter was being treated, Anderson hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit against the Colorado Springs Police Department, Teller County, and the officers that were involved in the incident. The lawsuit alleges that the department displayed a pattern of police brutality and claims “Colorado Springs and Teller County have a custom and practice of arresting individuals without probable cause.”

The attorney hired to represent Anderson has stated that “[they] filed the lawsuit because the law is extremely clear. In order to use force, the police have to believe they are in some sort of jeopardy, physically.” The attorney added, “Because they have badges and guns, they think they can do whatever they want.”

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