The Chicago Police Department (CPD) will incorporate a new commission led by citizens in an attempt to provide oversight and prevent police brutality. 


City council members voted 36-13 in favor of an ordinance, originally put forth by Mayor Lori Lightfoot, to create a seven-member committee in charge of proposing or drafting new policies for law enforcement. 


“If the communities do not trust (officers) because they’re not legitimate to them, they will not be effective in their most core mission, which is serving and protecting every single resident of the city,” Lightfoot said. 


In addition to the seven-member council, the ordinance would also put in place a 3 member council for every district in the city of Chicago, 22 in total. The councils would be charged with conducting regular meetings to improve relations with their district and the police department. They’d also be responsible for nominating candidates for the larger city-wide council. 


All drafts and proposals from the new committee could ultimately be vetoed by the mayor. 


Anthony Napolitano, one of the council members who opposed the ordinance, said that the move could end up being a way for activist groups to unofficially defund the police, as well as encourage aspiring police officers to pursue a different career. 


Proponents of the new ordinance hope that it will be one of the first major stepping stones in preventing police misconduct and improving citizens’ relationships with law enforcement. 


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How easy is it to sue the police? 


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