Some victims of police misconduct suffer from serious, life changing consequences. The only remedy which may actually help them pay for these problems is to file a civil lawsuit against the department and officers who are responsible.

A gruesome incident of police brutality involved a Citrus Heights, California man who was held on scorching asphalt and badly burned.

Suspect needs to be rushed to the emergency room after police pin him down on hot pavement

The incident began in the parking lot of a KFC fast food restaurant when the victim was accused of taking one of the employee’s wallets inside. Police held him down on the pavement outside for several minutes. The temperature of the asphalt was estimated to be approximately 170 degrees, which is easily high enough to cause burning to human skin. Even though the victim was screaming and obviously in pain, the officers held him down in the same spot. After the officers removed him and tried to pour water on the burns, the victim needed to be transported to UC Davis medical center for emergency care.

There were serious third and second degree burns covering about twenty percent of his body, especially around the chest and stomach area. The burns are expected to cause permanent scarring. He also suffered from kidney failure and went into shock in the moments after the incident.

The criminal charges related to the victim stealing another person’s wallet were later dropped.

A settlement for the lawsuit related to this incident paid the victim $1.2 million. The terms included an agreement for the victim and his attorneys to not talk to the media or discuss the settlement any further. As a consequence of the settlement, the city and the officers involved will also not be held liable or subject to any further actions related to the same incident.

Excessive use of force cases

The lawsuit that the victim in this case filed is related to excessive use of force by the police. An attorney who deals with injuries and police misconduct can file similar cases which allege that police violated a person’s civil rights by deviating from their use of force protocols. All officers are held to certain standards of professional conduct, and when they breach this duty, a victim has grounds for a police brutality lawsuit.

The value of a similar lawsuit

The victim in the news story above initially asked for several million dollars worth of damages because of his permanent disfigurement. All civil lawsuits generally award victims with an amount of money that is relative to the harms that they suffer. In other words, serious injuries usually result in more valuable lawsuits. However, it is also difficult to speculate about the value of a lawsuit without first speaking to a lawyer.

Get help from a police brutality lawyer in your area

There are lawyers who specialize in filing lawsuits related to all kinds of police misconduct throughout the state of California, Citrus Heights, and the Sacramento metro area. You can use the listings on to find an expert lawyer to represent you.

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