Chicago, IL- The American Civil Liberties Union of Chicago alleges the Chicago Police Department is not doing enough to address police abuse of disabled citizens in a lawsuit filed last week. The civil rights group lawsuit hopes to force the city to enact reforms to protect the disabled and minorities from abusive police officers.

ACLU Accuses Chicago PD of Abusing Disabled Persons

In a lawsuit, filed on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, the ACLU of Chicago alleges that the Chicago Police Department has “disproportionately” used excessive force on minorities and disabled persons. The suit states that between one-third and one-half of fatal police encounters involve someone with a disability and a quarter of police brutality victims has a mental illness. The lawsuit also accuses the CPD of failing to discipline officers with excessive use of force complaints.

Several agencies that advocate for the disabled in Chicago, including Equip for Equality, Community Renewal Society, Communities United, Next Steps and ONE Northside, are plaintiffs in the suit which seeks reforms to address the mistreatment of disabled persons.

Lawsuit Seeks Police Reform

One purpose of the suit is to force the agency to enact reforms that will improve how police in the Windy City interact with minorities and disabled persons. The ACLU is hoping their suit urges Mayor Rahm Emmanuel to appoint a federal judge to oversee the CPD while reforms are being instituted, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Since a January report by the Justice Department that accused the CPD of using excessive force, officers must undergo mandatory training that teaches de-escalation techniques and how to interact with disabled individuals. But the ACLU wants additional reforms, and they hope their lawsuit pushes the city into developing better training programs and disciplining abusive officers.

What Are My Options if I Have an Excessive Use of Force Complaint?

After a troubling encounter with an officer, you might be asking: Do I have a legitimate excessive force complaint? Can I recover compensation if an officer used excessive force or wrongfully arrested me? You may be entitled to compensation, but to recover the appropriate damages, you need to hire a police brutality attorney in Chicago, Illinois.

Excessive use of force or police misconduct claims can be difficult. Victims have to take on a governmental entity with a team of lawyers on their side. Your case will not be successful of you don’t have legal help and take the right steps. If you plan on filing a police brutality claim, you have three options of getting justice. You can:

  1. File a criminal complaint.
  2. Request an Internal Affairs investigation.
  3. File a civil complaint.

If a police officer hurt you or use deadly force against a loved one, you should set up a consultation with a police misconduct lawyer in Illinois today. can connect you with a local attorney who will stand up for your rights and make sure an officer is held liable for their actions.