police brutality lawyers in Lake City

If a Lake City police officer engaged in outrageous and inappropriate behavior that has caused you to suffer emotional distress, you will need to hire a police brutality lawyer who can prove this if you are looking to sue and secure a favorable outcome.

After seeing the dozens and dozens of videos that have surfaced online showing police officers displaying inappropriate and demoralizing behavior, many people find themselves asking this question: How do these officers get away with such behavior? Police officers from all over the U.S. have been caught on video time after time berating the individuals they come in contact with. They have been caught on their own body cameras and the cellphones of bystanders behaving violently and becoming verbally abusive toward the citizens and suspects they encounter.


But again, how do they get away with it and why are police officers permitted to engage in behavior that causes individuals to suffer emotional distress?


Police officers are generally granted immunity, meaning they are protected from being sued or charged when they can “prove” that the conduct they displayed fell within the scope of their duties. Does this mean I cannot sue a police department for if an officer’s actions caused me to suffer emotional distress? Not exactly. Incidents involving police misconduct and police brutality are handled on a case by case basis which means that although one case might not make it into the courtroom, another may. The only way to tell whether your case is strong enough to make it to the courtroom is to have a Lake City, FL police brutality attorney review it.

If you feel you are a victim of police misconduct and that an officer’s behavior led to you suffering from emotional distress, you should contact a lawyer in your area to learn more about filing a lawsuit for your suffering. Emotional distress can trigger a number of symptoms to arise including:


  • Trouble sleeping
  • Dramatic weight fluctuations and/or changes in your eating patterns
  • Unusual symptoms and short fuses
  • Difficulty managing anger or controlling your temper
  • Displaying compulsive or obsessive behaviors
  • Feelings of extreme tiredness
  • Issues with memory
  • You have begun to shun social activities
  • Diminished sexual desire
  • Mood swings or erratic behavior

[Source: WebMD].


If you have begun to experience any of these symptoms or others that might indicate you are suffering emotional distress, you should consult with a police brutality attorney in Lake City, FL immediately. Dealing with any of the above-mentioned symptoms can make each day difficult to get through not to mention you may find it hard to be around police officers considering the bad experience you had with one.


Who can I contact if I’m suffering emotional distress as a result of my unpleasant encounter with a Lake City police officer?


police brutality attorneys in Lake City

Did an officer apply excessive use of force or engage in other behavior that has caused you to suffer emotional distress? If so, you should contact Koberlein Law Offices today for help.

If an officer became verbally abusive toward you or said something about your race, gender, or culture, or her or she said something offensive regarding your family that has resulted in you suffering psychologically, you may have the grounds to file a lawsuit against the department.Koberlein Law Offices can advise you as to whether you should sue or if there is another course of action that should be taken to address the incident. To speak with a qualified police brutality lawyer at Koberlein Law Offices, call 386-269-9802today.


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