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police brutality attorneys in Lumberton, NC

If you think you have a viable case against a police officer in Lumberton, NC, it would be in your best interest to speak with a police brutality lawyer.

When a Lumberton, NC police officer engages in inappropriate or illegal behavior which results in you suffering physical and/or psychological injuries, you have the right to file a civil lawsuit against him or her. Now, suing a police officer or the department they work for isn’t a guarantee that you are going to be provided with monetary relief, or damages. Instead, your lawsuit serves as your attempt to collect damages and of course, recognize the officer for their acts of misconduct.


What’s the first step to filing a lawsuit against an officer who is guilty of police brutality in Lumberton, NC?


The first step is to hire a Lumberton, NC police brutality attorney. The lawyers at Mark D. Locklear Law Firm are going to help you prepare your lawsuit and get it filed with the courts. You should know that suing a police officer and securing a favorable outcome isn’t always easy to achieve, especially if you decide notto hire legal counsel. Therefore, if you want to ensure you have enough evidence to support your allegations and that you are requesting the right amount of money for the pain and suffering the officer has caused you, you need to contact Mark D. Locklear Law Firm today.


What forms of police brutality can I sue for?


As we mentioned above, you can sue for any type of behavior that constitutes as an act of misconduct if it caused you to suffer in any way. Some examples of police brutality others have filed suit for in the past include:


  • An officer applied excessive force. Excessive force is when an officer of the law applies a level of force that exceeds what he or she deems necessary. For instance, if an officer were to hit, kick, punch, or discharge their weapon at a suspect who was lying on the ground complying with the commands that were being given, this would constitute as excessive force. Sometimes, police officers are required to wrestle a fleeing or non-compliant suspect to the ground but it is only when they are attempting to get away or pose as a threat to the officer, themselves, or the community that they should apply this level of force.
  • A Lumberton, NC officer sexually harassed you. If a police officer fondles, rapes, or gropes, a suspect or citizen they come in contact with, they can be recognized in a lawsuit for their inappropriate behavior. A victim may even push for criminal charges to be filed against the officer given they can prove these crimes were committed.
  • An officer psychologically intimidates you.
  • An officer violates one or more of your rights during an encounter.
  • The officer assaults you.


What generally happens after a lawsuit is filed against a Lumberton, NC police officer and/or the police department?


police brutality lawyers in Lumberton, NC

If you want to increase your chances of obtaining a sizable settlement for the way an officer treated you, you are going to want to hire a Lumberton, NC police brutality lawyer with experience.

Once your NC police brutality attorney files your lawsuit with the court in Robeson County, the officer and/or the department will receive notice of the legal action you took. They will have the opportunity to go to court to defend themselves, admit guilt and provide you with the amount of money you are seeking, or depending on serious your allegations are, the City of Lumberton may decide to settle with you. Your attorney will be able to guide you during this time so that you handle the matter the best way possible and obtain an outcome that is in your favor.

Now, if you are ready to have a lawyer answer your questions and address any concerns you might have, call attorney Mark D. Lockleartoday.


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