Connecticut – February 4, 2021

New Haven police are conducting an internal affairs investigation surrounding an arrest of a man on Friday. The arrest encounter resulted in an officer hitting a man in his head while he was trying to avoid having handcuffs placed upon him, following a harassment complaint that was called into the police department.  New Haven’s Chief of Police said, “Our department will conduct a transparent and thorough internal investigation to determine the appropriateness of the officers’ actions.”  “We take use of force seriously and the Internal Affairs review will determine if the use of force was within the guidelines of department policy.” In the event of criminal charges, an experienced attorney can help.

Initiation of litigation/complaint against department.

While the man who was hit is facing several charges, including assault on a police officer, interfering with a police officer, first-degree trespass, disorderly conduct, and failure to allow fingerprinting, the New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker and Chief Reyes felt it was important to release the video right away so everyone could see what transpired.  A police brutality attorney can be instrumental in proving when an officer goes outside of their prescribed professional duties, and violates a victim’s rights.

Community trust.

Chief Reyes believes that it is critically important that the trust of the community is intact, and that citizens know they can trust their police department.  He made this clear after an action last Summer where a police officer was fired from the police department for using excessive force.  Any individual who has been left with physical, or emotional injury after a police encounter should contact a personal injury attorney to ascertain if there are provable damages to seek in legal action, or to assist in the formal complaint against the New Haven Police Department.

Police officer excessive force.

Excessive force is the term used to describe continued force, even after a criminal has been subdued and the situation is being controlled. It has often been justified in high intensity situations where the potential for serious bodily harm, mass bodily harm, and death were present, leaving some unethical police officers to carry this over to encounters where no, or low force is necessary.  During the arrest, the officer in this case did not need to hit anyone in the head, having been trained in holds that subdue a criminal.  The New Haven Police Force participates in de-escalation training and this officer’s actions may not have been acceptable within those guidelines.  It must be proven that the officer used more force than was needed, and the victim can initiate legal action, but his crimes leading to the encounter will also impact the outcome of the case.  A police brutality attorney can explain the process on how a case will be built.

 Hire a lawyer.

 When police brutality victims, or loved ones have been harmed by any form of police brutality, speaking to a legal professional who understands civil rights actions and the negative impacts of police brutality on individuals and communities should be a priority.   A police brutality attorney can draft a lawsuit against the officer and the department when violations of law have occurred, resulting in police brutality.