Instances of mistaken identity can have serious consequences if they turn violent. An arrest warrant in Southaven Mississippi was executed at the wrong residence and resulted in an innocent man being fatally shot by police. The DeSoto County District Attorney released a statement that the Sunday night shooting was the result of a police response to the wrong address.

Police execute warrant at the wrong house and shoot man at the door

An assault at local Citgo gas station led to police obtaining a legitimate arrest warrant for the suspect involved in that crime. The actual suspect in that assault case lived across the street from where the victim lived. Apparently a lot of confusion was caused by the fact that the residences in the area are not numbered and mailboxes are grouped together, although an attorney for the victim stated that there should be no issues finding a residence based on the house number.

There is some dispute as to what happened in the moments after the warrant was executed at the front door of the incorrect house. The district attorney and police account of the incident says that the victim answered the door armed and pointed his weapon at them, while his pit bull was about to attack them. They say he only was shot after he refused verbal commands to drop the weapon.

The family’s version of the story is that the victim was shot through the door of the residence before he had a chance to answer and there are bullet holes to prove it. There were two weapons in the home, but according to them they were in other parts of the house where the victim would not have access to them at the time. They also claim that the verbal commands to disarm never happened.

The Southaven department has not issued an official statement or filed an incident report regarding the shooting. They also did not comment on the status of the officers involved or if any disciplinary actions would be taken against them. The family of the victim is considering filing a civil rights lawsuit against the department.

Lawsuits after a police mistake

Cases of mistaken identity, false arrest, and other common blunders that lead to injuries, death, or other problems are serious incidents of professional negligence. The department or officers responsible filed to follow certain relevant protocols, which were put in place to avoid the risks associated with entering the wrong home or arresting the wrong person.

Civil rights lawsuits

There are federal laws which prevent government employees, including police officers, from depriving anyone of their civil rights while executing their official duties. These laws are normally used when incidents of excessive use of force or police misconduct occur, because they are clearly the type of employees these laws were meant to regulate. A police brutality attorney can explain the specifics of how these laws will work during a lawsuit.

Talk to an attorney in Southaven about police brutality

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