When a police officer violates one or more of their department’s policies or a person’s rights which results in them being physically or psychologically harmed, that individual holds the right to sue the department, the city, or even the police officer. Does this mean you will be awarded damages (i.e. money for pain and suffering, mental anguish, etc.) for how the incident has impacted your life? Not exactly.

While anyone can bring a claim against a Colorado police officer for an act of misconduct, rarely do victims win their case. The reality is, it isn’t easy proving an officer of the law engaged in inappropriate or illegal behavior. It is often a victim’s word against the officer, and in many cases, the officer’s word is held to the higher standard. But there are ways of increasing your chances of winning your case or at least walking away with a settlement.


It starts with you hiring a Colorado police misconduct attorney.


A police misconduct lawyer in Colorado will not only help build your case, prepare you for court, and gather the evidence needed to support your claims, but they will also fight for a favorable outcome. In some cases, if you are able to gather solid evidence that clearly proves the officer was in violation of a department policy or that he/she violated your Constitutional rights, the party you are suing may wish to settle which would then end the case there and eliminate the need to go to trial.

In fact, just last year, a 72-year-old man was awarded $125K after he was tackled by a police officer in 2017. According to 9News, Michael Clark, the victim, filed his lawsuit against the City of Manitou Springs after an officer tackled him and helped another man break into his home. Clark said that while he did allow the man to stay at his home as he was recently released from prison, he had called the police for help after the man began acting erratically. Instead of helping Clark remove the man from his property, the officer helped him get back in after he had been locked out, according to the source.

Clark also accused former Officer Dylan Settle of tackling him. Two years after the incident, the City of Manitou Springs agreed to pay $125,000 to Clark. The source says Settle no longer works for the Manitou Springs Police Department.

If you were harmed or mistreated by a police officer in Colorado and wish to learn more about your legal rights, contact Bryan & Terrill Law, PLLC to speak with a Colorado police misconduct attorney. Whether you are looking to shed light on the officer’s inappropriate behavior and/or collect compensation for the injuries you suffered, the CO police misconduct lawyers at this firm are more than qualified to help you.


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