police brutality lawyers in Fairfax, VA

If a VA police officer applied excessive force that left you suffering serious or even minor injuries, filing a lawsuit could help you recover compensation for the various damages you suffered.

If your encounter with a Fairfax, VA police officer turned violent and you believe the level of force that was applied exceeded what was considered reasonable, you should speak with a police brutality attorney in Fairfax, VA to determine whether you should file suit. Generally, if you suffered any type of injury be it physical and/or psychological or any of your rights were violated, then filing suit can get you one step closer to recognizing the officer for their misconduct and recovering compensation for your losses. Some common damages victims of police brutality often seek compensation for include:


  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Medical bills
  • Punitive damages
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life


Back in 2017, a Norfolk State University student filed suit against a Virginia State Police Trooper along with two State Police superintendents for excessive force and requested that he be paid $5 million in damages [Source: WTKR]. According to the news source, Veron E. Greenaway had been heading eastbound on I-64 near the Hampton Creek Bridge in Hampton when he used the shoulder to get around a trailer that had been blocking his lane. State Trooper Kristian Hughes witnessed Greenaway’s act and that is what prompted the officer to pull the NSU student over.

After Greenaway pulled over, Hughes allegedly “opened the driver’s side door within seconds of the stop” and “quickly and forcibly removed Greenaway from the vehicle by grabbing his upper arm and pulling him out.” Greenaway said Hughes pushed him into the door and then slammed him onto the ground. Because Hughes had allegedly been holding onto Greenaway’s left arm and upper body at the time, Greenaway was unable to protect his face and jaw which caused him to hit the ground chin-first.

Greenaway claimed he lost two teeth and his jaw had shattered. The court documents allege the NSU student also suffered “contusions to his face and shoulder, lacerations to his jaw that required stitches, and a broken jaw, requiring his jaw to be wired shut for approximately six weeks.” On top of that, Greenaway alleged that Hughes began questioning him and making “insulting and disparaging comments” toward him while he lay on the pavement bleeding. The officer was even accused of denying Greenaway access to medical attention until he answered his questions.


Eventually, Greenaway was transported via ambulance to the hospital and after receiving some of the medical treatment he required, his medical bills were estimated to be about $40,000.


police brutality lawyers in Fairfax, VA

If you would like to find out what your rights are and whether you have the grounds to file suit against a police officer who applied excessive force, contact Nolan & Mroz, PLC today.

Now, if you suffered any type of injury at the expense of a violent or abusive police officer in Fairfax, VA and you think you are entitled to compensation for any of the damages listed above, contact Nolan & Mroz, PLC today. Whether your injury was serious or even minor, the lawyers at this firm will be sure to assess the incident and determine whether you should pursue the officer and/or the police department for damages.


Want a free consultation to see if a legal expert can help you? If so, contact the VA police brutality attorneys at Nolan & Mroz, PLC now.


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