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If a police officer in Maitland, FL sexually assaulted you, you do have the right to press charges but it is essential for you to have an experienced police brutality attorney in Maitland to representing you.

A law enforcement officer’s job is to protect members of their community and help rid it of crime and corruption. But officers of all types often engage in crimes themselves, putting the citizens who entrust them at risk and in danger. There have been cases involving police officers who have become violent towards both teens and adults when the situation did not require a use of force and there have been officers who shot and killed an unarmed suspect when other tactics could have been employed.

Sadly, there have even been cases involving a police officer who sexually assaulted or raped a suspect or individual who they are supposed to be helping and protecting. If you were sexually assaulted or raped by a law enforcement officer in Maitland, FL and are seeking help from someone who is going to put your interests and needs first, you need to contact a Maitland, FL police brutality attorney.


Detective Rapes 15-Year-Old Sexual Assault Victim


Back in 2017, detective Neil David Kimball, 46, was assigned to a case involving a 15-year-old girl who had been sexually assaulted [Source: People.com]. After working on the girl’s case for about a year, the source cited that he “befriended the girl and later had sex with her while she allegedly was bound and tied” in his trailer. Kimball was later “charged with rape but authorities were unable to determine whether [he] used force.”

As a result of the lack of evidence, the detective wound up pleading guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse and lewd act with a child and was expected to only receive a three-year jail sentence. The source also cited that other women had come forward and expressed they too had filed complaints against the detective in the past. People said that one of those women had reported the detective to officials back in 2014 “after he allegedly [became] inappropriate and flirtatious with her while investigating her sexual assault case.”

The woman, who was identified as Sara Abusheikh, told the Daily Beast, “It was like trying to complain to a brick wall. It just makes you think, ‘How many other women are there that tried to complain about this guy?’”


Did you know that many complaints filed against officers for misconduct and abuse are often disregarded?


Maitland, FL police brutality lawyers

It’s time you exercise your rights and recognize an officer for their act of misconduct that has caused you physical and/or emotional pain.

Although there is a process that is available for police brutality victims to file a complaint against an officer for an act of misconduct or abuse, it doesn’t always mean their complaint is going to be handled appropriately or that disciplinary action is going to be taken. That is why if you have been injured, harassed, or even sexually assaulted by a police officer in Maitland, FL, you need to contact Paul & Perkins P.A.to speak with a skilled police brutality lawyer. Not only will this team of dedicated and aggressive police brutality attorneys help you file charges against the officer, but they can also assist you with recovering compensation for the various damages you suffered.


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