Sometimes police officers use coercive force to get their victims to engage in all kinds of degrading or illegal activities. There are a number of possible remedies after this kind of misconduct occurs.

A Lake City Police sergeant was being investigated for allegedly forcing an informant to have sex with him.

Lake City Sergeant takes advantage of an informant

Local news coverage broke a story where a high ranking officer had an illegal relationship with an informant during the course of an investigation. The sergeant was assigned to a case in Columbia County related to drug trafficking in the area. Reports related to the case summarized the use of an informant as part of a plea deal, so that she would avoid jail time.

At some point during the investigation the informant said she felt coerced into having sex with the officer, otherwise she would be sent to jail. He believes the allegations against him were some kind of set up.

No further information about disciplinary actions taken against the officer was available at the time.

Possible forms of discipline

After cases of police misconduct and brutality, there are really a few different things that can happen to make police officers answer for their actions. The department has its own administrative procedures through internal affairs to determine if an officer should be disciplined, suspended, or terminated. Internal procedures within the departments tend to be limited as they usually only reprimand or relieve their own employees in extreme cases with well documented evidence.

Criminal charges can be filed against the police, but this only usually happens in clear cases of excessive use of force that result in death or other serious crimes. Most prosecutors are reluctant to try to discipline an officer with criminal charges unless there is a large public outcry with media attention or strong evidence that a citizen was harmed.

The most likely way for citizens to get back at corrupt police officers is through a civil lawsuit. This is the only way for victims to receive compensation for their pain and suffering related to the incident and it is a much more practical option than hoping a department or prosecutor will take action. Civil cases also have a lower burden of proof than criminal trials, meaning it is generally easier to win a civil case tied to the same incident than a criminal one.

Federal civil rights laws that protect citizens

Police or other government officials cannot use their position to improperly deprive a person of their civil rights. These federal laws are often used against officers and departments for police violence, harassment, and all other kinds of misconduct. Your attorney can explain how these laws work to help people receive compensation after a government employee or police officer mistreats or injures them.

Get in touch with a lawyer in your area

To speak with a lawyer who handles police brutality and misconduct cases in Lake City, Live Oak, and Gainesville Florida, contact Koberlein Law Offices. They are available to assist anyone who has been injured or mistreated by the local police and file a lawsuit on their behalf.

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