When an individual comes in contact with a police officer who is being persistent, violent, or aggressive, the best thing they can do is comply with the officer’s commands and wait until an opportunity arises where they can contact an Illinois police brutality lawyer. Individuals who attempt to defend themselves from the police may be viewed as being non-compliant or resistant, and this may only cause the officer to respond by becoming more aggressive.

If an individual was injured while trying to defend themselves from an officer who was applying excessive force, they can contact a police brutality attorney to find out what their legal rights are and how they can be properly exercised.


What rights does an individual have when they come in contact with a police officer?


If an individual is approached by an officer in Illinois, they do have legal rights that should be upheld. For instance, if the officer has no probable cause to make an arrest or conduct a search, then an individual can calmly ask if they are free to go. Individuals should refrain from raising their voice at an officer or walk away as this may only provoke the officer and cause him/her to become physical.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), some of the other rights an individual has when stopped by police include:


  • The right to remain silent. While an individual may be required to identify themselves, they don’t have to answer any self-incriminating questions. Instead, they can calmly inform the officer that they wish to invoke their right to remain silent. If the officer proceeds to make an arrest, the individual should then contact an Illinois criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.


  • The right to refuse a search. If an officer has no probable cause to search an individual but asks to do so anyway, the individual can refuse to be searched or have their vehicle searched. If the officer conducts a search without having a valid reason for doing so, they should wait until the officer is finished and then contact a police brutality attorney as their Fourth Amendment rights may have been violated.


Ways an Illinois Police Brutality Lawyer Can Help After an Individual’s Rights Were Violated by a Police Officer


If a police officer in Illinois inflicted harm upon an individual or made an unlawful arrest, a police brutality attorney may be able to help them recover compensation for the injuries or losses they suffered. When a police officer oversteps their authority and harms an individual in the process, they should be held accountable for their actions.

If an individual would like to receive a free case review to determine if they have the grounds to sue an officer or police department in Illinois for compensation, USAttorneys.com is ready to connect them with a legal professional in their area.