Police officers in Pembroke Pines are permitted to deploy their Tasers when they believe the situation calls for that level of force. Does that mean they should resort to using their Taser even when a suspect has surrendered? Not exactly. Wh

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If you surrender yourself to a police officer and comply with all his or her demands, there should be no need to apply any level of force that could potentially harm you.

en a suspect complies with officer commands and surrenders themselves, there generally is no need for an officer to apply any level of force that could potentially harm the individual.

The sad truth is that many officers choose to deploy their Tasers and even become violent toward a suspect even after he or she has surrendered themselves. Why? While some do this as a form of revenge, others do is simply because they can.


Mother of 15-Year-Old Files Complaint After Her Son was Tasered and Arrested After He Surrendered Himself to Police


Fifteen-year-old Jaydon Stubbs and his friends had been riding their bicycles on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, which is a neighboring city to Pembroke Pines when they were approached by police officers. The boys had been “doing wheelies on their bicycles” and when the officers tried to stop them, Stubbs claimed he “feared for his safety” and split up from his friends.  According to the teen, one of the “officers sped up and used his patrol car to hit [his] bicycle.” ABC Local 10 News shared a photo of the boy’s bike that showed the back tire bent up.

After the officer hit Stubbs’ bike, he fell off sideways and felt immediate pain. When he tried to get up, he was tackled by other officers and was held down. He was then shot with a Taser despite the fact that his hands were behind his back. A police brutality claim was later filed by the teen acknowledging the officers for their acts of misconduct.

Although the department couldn’t deny that Stubbs’ bike had been hit, a spokesperson issued a statement saying that the incident was accidental and that the “claim about the Taser being used after [Stubbs] had already surrendered on the ground was appropriate and within [department] guidelines.”


Here’s why you should hire a Pembroke Pines police brutality lawyer if an officer deployed their Taser at you or a loved one after you surrendered yourself.


police brutality attorneys in Pembroke Pines, FL

Did you surrender yourself to a Pembroke Pines police officer who then Tasered you? If so, you may have a valid complaint against the officer and should contact a police brutality lawyer to find out how you should address the matter.

Although the case cited above was still under review, in the initial report, it appears as those the department was attempting to justify its officer’s actions. In many cases involving police brutality, very rarely are officers who engage in acts of misconduct faced with disciplinary action. It is for this very reason that we encourage victims of police misconduct to hire an attorney to represent their case rather than attempt to handle it on their own.

When you have an experienced Pembroke Pines, FL police brutality lawyer handling your case and protecting your rights, you stand a better chance at obtaining the justice you deserve. You won’t have to worry about gathering evidence to prove your claims or identify the laws that protect you from being mistreated by an officer of the law. That will all be handled by your lawyer. Now, if you feel ready to discuss the recent encounter you had with an officer then you should contact the Law Offices of Oscar Syger to speak with an attorney who wants to help you.


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