The American Bar Association (ABA) House of Delegates approved a set of standards that outline the type of treatment prisoners should receive while being detained in a correctional facility. One of those standards addresses medical attention. While it is clear that most if not all of an inmate’s privileges are taken away, they still have basic human rights, one of those being that they are still permitted to have access to healthcare should they need it or request it.

You see, law enforcement officers who work in correctional facilities are not permitted to subject an inmate to “cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or conditions” and must provide an inmate with medical attention when it is requested. Standard 23-6.2 says that correctional officers, as well as other law enforcement officials, should have a system in place that “allows each prisoner, regardless of security classification, to communicate health care needs in a timely and confidential manner to qualified health care professionals, who should evaluate the situation and assess its urgency.” If an inmate has difficulty communicating with the staff, “provisions should be made for [them]” so that they can get the medical care that they need.

The standard also states that “no correctional staff member should impede or unreasonably delay a prisoner’s access to health care staff or treatment.” Sadly, there are many inmates whose request for medical attention is ignored resulting in them suffering from a serious health issue or worse, dying.


Woman Gives Birth Inside Her Jail Cell After Officers Ignored Her Requests for Help


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A mother was forced to deliver baby boy in her jail cell all alone after officers ignored her requests for medical help.

A video was recently released for the public to view that showed a woman giving birth to a baby boy inside her jail cell [Source: CNN]. After Diana Sanchez woke up around 5:00 a.m. on July 21, 2018, she began experiencing contractions, one of the first signs that indicate that a woman is about to go into labor. After five hours had passed, her water broke, but she was never transported to the hospital. It turns out, the young mother’s “pleas for help were unanswered.” CNN highlighted that after “almost six hours after she says she first told the guard on duty she was in labor, she delivered a baby boy alone in a jail cell.”

The woman eventually hired an attorney who recently released the video footage that showed Sanchez trying to get one of the guards’ attention earlier in the day but no one responded to her requests for help. She did, however, receive a “folded white absorbent pad under the door” after informing the jail staff that her water had broken. Still, no one entered Sanchez’s jail cell despite her screaming in pain until after she delivered her baby—alone. To make matters worse, the nurses who were contracted by the jail “were unprepared even after the baby was born.” They allegedly were “unable to find clamps to cut the umbilical cord.” After about 20 minutes had passed after delivering her son, Sanchez was finally transported to the hospital in a “non-emergent van.”

Sanchez, who should have been transported to the hospital and placed under the supervision of medical staff after showing signs of labor, eventually decided to file suit against several parties for the inhumane treatment she was subjected to. In her civil suit, Sanchez named the Denver Health Medical Center, the city and county of Denver, and six sheriff’s deputies and nurses as defendants.


Here’s what you need to do if an officer ignored your requests for medical treatment while you were being detained in or nearby to Panama City, FL.


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If a Panama City officer ignored your requests for medical attention while you were being detained, you need to consult with a police brutality attorney in Panama City to find out what your legal rights are.

If an officer(s) in Panama City, FL violated your rights and failed to provide you with humane and healthful living conditions or denied your requests for medical attention, you have the right to file a civil suit against any party who was guilty of misconduct. You will need to retain a police brutality lawyer in Panama City, FL if you want to increase your chances of winning your case so consider contacting David Graham Law today. Regardless of why you were being detained, there is no excuse for you not receiving the medical care you needed or requested.


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