police brutality lawyer in Santa Ana, CA

Any complaint filed against a Santa Ana, CA police officer should be investigated by the Department or the Internal Affairs Division.

If a police officer engaged in any type of misconduct, including applying excessive force, you can file a formal complaint with the Santa Ana Police Department (SAPD) so that the officer’s actions can properly be investigated. The SAPD states that it is the department’s duty to “accept and thoroughly investigate all complaints of alleged misconduct by any member of the department to reach one of two goals.” Those include correcting an employee’s conduct as well as protecting them “from unwarranted criticism when their actions were lawful and justified.”

The fact is, police officers, at no point in their line of duty, are permitted to apply excessive force, yet many still do. In fact, a video that was captured by a bystander in Santa Ana back in 2017 sparked an investigation into police officers’ use of force after a violent arrest was made in a residential area, according to ABC 7. In the video, you can see a man being beaten by several officers who claimed he was being resistant and fighting back with officers. The man can be heard screaming “please stop” in the midst of the blows the officers were delivering to his head and back. At one point, the man is heard telling officers that his hands were behind his back although the officers disregarded the comment and continued to throw punches, kicks, and one even deployed a Taser into his side.

The neighbor who captured the video can also be heard in it screaming at the officers telling them that they were “overdoing it.”


How do I file a complaint against a police officer in Santa Ana, CA for applying excessive force?


To file a formal complaint against a Santa Ana, CA police officer, you will need to fill out and submit the Citizen Complaint Form in order for an internal investigation to begin. You can hand deliver the form to the police department, mail it in, or contact the Field Supervisor or on-duty Watch Commander at 714-245-8700 to report the officer for their misconduct. Once received, the Internal Affairs Division within the department will investigate the complaint. Once the investigation is completed, the manager of the involved employee along with the Chief of Police will review it, says the SAPD. Once the investigation has ended and a disposition has been reached, you will be notified of this decision.


What if the officer is not reprimanded even though he/she applied excessive force?


police brutality lawyers in Santa Ana, CA

If the complaint you filed against a Santa Ana police officer was dismissed without the officer receiving any sort of disciplinary action, its time you speak with a CA police brutality lawyer.

It isn’t uncommon for an officer of the law to walk away from an allegation made against him/her without facing any sort of consequence for their behavior. Because it becomes a case of their word against yours, the police department often rules in favor of their own. Therefore, if you feel an officer in Santa Ana didn’t receive the disciplinary action they should have for inflicting harm upon you, your next step should be to contact a Santa Ana, CA police brutality attorney. Our police misconduct lawyers can provide you with some valuable information that can aid you in making an informed decision on how you to want to proceed with handling the matter. In the event you choose to file a lawsuit against the police officer, the qualified attorneys we will connect you with can provide you with the legal representation you need to successfully do this. To speak with a police brutality lawyer in your area today regarding your incident, contact USAttorneys.com today.

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