For many police departments, it has been embedded in their policy that their officers must wear and activate their body cameras under certain circumstances. The body cameras, or the Portable Digital Recording Device (PDRD) that Oakland, CA police officers are required to wear capture footage that can assist with criminal investigations and allow the department to ensure their officers are complying with the policies and procedures that have been laid out for them to follow. According to the Oakland Police Department’s Policy, police officers employed with this department must activate their PDRD when:

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Police officers in Oakland, CA should have their body cameras activated when making an arrest.

  1. They make contact with citizens to “confirm or dispel of a suspicion that the citizen may be involved in criminal activity as a suspect, victim, or witness.” Victims of sexual assault are not included in this.
  2. Detentions and arrests
  3. When making an assessment or evaluation for a psychiatric detention.
  4. When involved in a vehicle pursuit.
  5. When serving a search or arrest warrant.
  6. When conducting any of the following types of searches:


  • Incident to arrest
  • Cursory
  • Probable cause
  • Probation/parole
  • Consent to search
  • Inventory


  1. When transporting any detained or arrested citizen.
  2. “Upon the order of a higher-ranking member.”


[Source:American Civil Liberties Union].


Oakland police officers are not required to activate their PDRD’s when:


  • They are taking a report or conducting a preliminary investigation where they do not believe criteria is met that requires him/her to activate their PDRD.
  • They are conducting a preliminary investigation with an individual who has been sexually assaulted.
  • Meeting with any Confidential Informant.
  • They have been placed “on a guard assignment at a Police, Medical, Psychiatric, Jail or Detention facility.”


[Source:American Civil Liberties Union].


How can I obtain a copy of an Oakland, CA police officer’s body camera footage?


police brutality attorneys in Oakland, CA

If you need help obtaining a copy of an Oakland, CA police officer’s body cam footage, our skilled CA police brutality attorneys can help you.

Although the video footage that is captured on a police officer’s body cam is used for departmental purposes, it is can also aid in a case involving a police brutality victim. Because this footage provides a true depiction of what really transpired between the individuals captured, it can prove an allegation to be true that has been made against an officer. Therefore, if you or a family member of yours was harmed, mistreated, assaulted, or harassed by an Oakland, CA police officer, it would be in your best interest to hire a police brutality lawyer who can help you obtain a copy of this video footage.

Although police departments generally have to provide this footage under certain circumstances, you stand a better chance at obtaining it when you are properly represented by a legal expert who has experience in handling police misconduct cases. So, if you are ready to get connected with an Oakland, CA police brutality attorney now who will take the time to gather all the evidence needed to prove the officer violated your rights and/or their department’s policies, contact today. We can help you locate an attorney in your area who will put forth the effort needed to obtain the justice you are seeking.

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