Anyone who witnesses or experiences any form of police brutality has the right to call a police brutality lawyer in San Francisco. Calling an attorney is one of the best ways for a person to get their name cleared or to have the police officer who committed the brutality penalized in an appropriate manner. However, out of all of the different forms of brutality done by cops, from sexual assault to the unnecessary use of deadly arms, there are three particular forms which are seen most often. Unfortunately, these three most common forms of police brutality are often those that are most harmful to a person and their reputation.

1. Unreasonable use of Force

‘Police officer shot an unarmed teen’ is a fairly common headline seen on the news and across various media outlets. It is very common for police officers to end up using excessive force while on the job and this can lead to a lot of physical damage for the individual being confronted. The reason excessive force is so problematic is because these officers generally have no reason to be so drastic. They could have easily fixed the situation by simply talking it out and they often have everything under control when they choose to pursue excessive force. However, due to one reason or the other, they tend to go overboard and they end up attacking and sometimes even killing the individuals they were supposed to arrest without any valid reason.

2. False Arrest

Another major form of police brutality is a false arrest. False arrests often have to do with an officers pride and if a person manages to somehow offend the officer. False arrests are also related to racial profiling in many cases. If an officer gets offended and arrests a person because of the way a person was speaking to them, or if they arrest a person for committing a crime solely based on their ethnic background, then they have indeed conducted a false arrest.

3. Malignant Incentive

Excessive force and false arrests are not the only cases of police brutality which are fairly common on the streets of San Francisco. Many individuals also claim that officers had a malignant incentive for damaging their record and that is why they were arrested. If a person claims that the police officer arrested them out of malice and in order to damage their reputation then they need to prove a few things:

  • That the officer had no valid reason for arresting them
  • That the police officer initiated the first court proceeding
  • That the court proceeding ending in favor of the victim
  • That the police officer had a reason to be malicious against that particular person

If a person finds themselves facing any of the above scenarios then they should contact a police brutality attorney to try and get their name cleared out as soon as possible. Whether one is faced with excessive force, a false arrest, or if they have reason to believe that the officer who arrested them did so out of malice then an educated attorney can help a person take the right steps towards attaining justice.

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