It was in April of 1992 that the entire community in Los Angeles revolted against the inhumane acts of police brutality that had been going on for decades. The cause of the riots which resulted in 1 billion dollars of damages and killed 54 people was the recorded abuse of Rodney King.

A video leaked exposing a group of police officers mercilessly beating an African American man by the name of Rodney King. This extreme act of brutality was one out of many, but it was the last straw for most of the community.

The riots worked and they brought an end to the old LAPD and many rules and regulations were introduced to help the police department redeem its reputation.

What does the LAPD do to prevent police brutality?

Like most other police departments the Los Angeles Police Department does have an internal affairs committee. The internal affairs committee is responsible for dealing with all complaints regarding the behavior of an officer. If a person wants to praise an officer they can send an online message through their website. However, if a person wants to submit a complaint then the procedure is often a lot more complicated than just sending in an email.

A person will often be required to write down a complete statement of the abuse that took place and may also be asked to provide evidence. It is in everyone’s best interest to get in touch with a police brutality attorney in Los Angeles before directly filing the complaint themselves. An attorney can help a person submit the right documents and they can also help a person mention the correct statements in their complaint.

How do I know a police officer has abused me in Los Angeles?

It can often be hard to admit to oneself that a person was actually abused by an officer. Since officers are supposed to be serving and protecting the community, most people cannot even get themselves to acknowledge the fact that they were abused by an officer. However, the truth is that officers are just like every other person and if they make mistakes or if they commit criminal actions, they have to be held responsible for it.

The main factor which a person should look out for after an encounter with an officer is whether or not their constitutional rights were violated or not. If an officer violated a person’s basic rights and harmed them without cause, isolated them because of their ethnicity, or sexually abused them then they have every right to seek legal help.

Even individuals who have committed a crime still have their basic rights which deserve to be honored and protected. If a person was being arrested and they faced excessive force or other forms of abuse from the officer who was arresting them they should get the help of a lawyer to help them reduce their penalties or have the officer penalized for his or her behavior.





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