Los Angeles has a history of police brutality going back several decades. Unfortunately, it seems like this city along with the rest of southern California is still a long way from overcoming problems between the police and citizens. A number of cases in recent years have demonstrated why continued vigilance of police brutality is so important. Beatings have caused a great amount of physical harm and trauma to victims and there is a tendency for misconduct to be overlooked unless publicized through the media and related lawsuits.

An experienced police brutality lawyer is the best way to hold police departments and their officers accountable for their actions. A lawyer can also help victims receive compensation for their injuries and suffering through a civil lawsuit.

Victim is beaten by LAPD officers while already detained

A textbook example of police brutality by the LAPD occurred when one officer beat and kicked a suspect who was detained and already being held down by other officers. Police were called to the area where the incident happened while looking for a robbery suspect. They encountered 22 year old Clinton Alford riding a bicycle and commanded him to stop. After a brief foot chase, two of the officers caught up with him and detained him. At this point, a security camera in the area captured the incident, which was described by one witness as similar to a football player winding up for a kick against his head. Another witness said the victim also went limp like a rag doll during the beating.

After the beating, he required stitches for gashes on his ear and head, and was scanned for possible concussions at a local hospital. The victim was charged with misdemeanors for drug possession and resisting arrest, but he had no connection to the initial robbery that caused police to respond to the area. The officers were suspended without pay by their chief while the incident was investigated.

What should you look for in a lawyer?

When choosing a lawyer to file a police brutality case, it is important to retain only the most experienced and aggressive professional you can find. Tenacity and persistence become important when going up against local governments and the police officers they hire.

The police are used to not being held accountable for misconduct, and your lawyer will have to make a strong showing that their use of force was not within acceptable law enforcement protocols. The defense may even have experts who have worked as police officers in the past. These witnesses will always say that police actions were justified base on the circumstances. A plaintiff’s lawyer will have to use things such as video evidence, body cameras, witness testimony, or other accounts of the incident along with presentations of acceptable law enforcement standards to show how the police deviated from normal conduct.

How much are police brutality cases worth in Los Angeles?

Many individuals are concerned about the value of their case. In general, the level of harm caused by the officers, along with their deviation from reasonable conduct are the two most crucial elements. In other words, when police severely beat someone who is already detained and injure them, this incident will usually be more valuable than a mere rough arrest of a violent suspect. However, in each situation it is important to have a conversation with an expert police brutality lawyer, as they will be able to give a more concrete estimate based on your specific story.

Get the best police brutality lawyer in your area now

If you believe you have been injured, falsely arrested, or experienced any other mistreatment at the hands of the police, there is legal help available. You can use this site to find the best police brutality lawyer in the Los Angeles metro area to handle your case.

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