Getting attacked by a police officer can be very traumatizing. Anyone who has been hurt by a police officer can get in touch with a police brutality attorney in Fremont, CA in order to discuss what form of legal action they should proceed forward with.

When it comes to getting compensated for a police brutality case then individuals are generally more likely to receive compensation if they have suffered more losses due to the police officers actions. If a person was hit by a police officer but they do not have any injuries and they only suffered pain then chances of them being able to claim and win general damages is not very likely.

However, if a person was injured badly and had to miss work alongside other important life events because of the officer’s actions then they have way more chances of winning monetary compensation after a trial.

What if a police officer uses a weapon against me when I am pregnant?

It is not unheard of that police officers have hurt and even shot at women who were pregnant. If a person is pregnant and a police officer physically assaults them then they should not hesitate before reaching out for legal counsel.

A lawyer can put together a good case with relevant evidence and documentation. Pregnancy is a very delicate time in a person’s life and they need to make sure they are not physically exerting themselves too much, or even causing themselves to go through too much emotional stress as it can affect the growing fetus.

Through the help of an educated lawyer, a woman can lay a significant amount of charges on the officer if they assaulted her while she was in this delicate state.

Pregnant California teen shot and killed by police officers

On March 15, 2018 Elena Mondragon was shot by a police officer while she sat on the passenger’s seat of the vehicle. Police officers who were disguised at the time jumped out and started chasing the car full of teenagers.

The teenagers had no idea they were being ambushed by officers because the officers were not in uniform and thought they were being robbed so they sped away. Police officers shot at the driver, missed, and hit Mondragon instead, killing her and her baby. The case had no video footage as support so it essentially dried up with no real consequences for the police officers who had done so much damage and caused so much harm to her family.

Anyone who has been in a similar situation can gain more chances of winning their case and getting compensated if they have an attorney on their side. Lawyers are well educated on the rights and regulations that every person has so they can help a person make all the right claims so that they are actually compensated for their pain and loss.



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