Some forms of police misconduct include engaging in illegal activity and spending tax dollars in improper ways. In these kinds of situations, it is up to the department that employs the officer or anyone affected by illegal conduct to report the situation and possibly file a lawsuit. 

A police officer who works in Broward County Florida is being subjected to misconduct investigations related to his actions in a massage parlor while allegedly attempting to uncover prostitution.

South Florida police officer spends department money to engage in sexual activities

The Pembroke Pines Officer was working undercover and entering local massage parlors in the area when the incident happened. He entered the Charm Spa Massage on Taft Street, and initially paid $50 for a massage, but ended up spending much more. The woman performing the massage quoted prices for oral and vaginal sex that ranged between $100 and $200. He left the women tips to engage in illegal acts. 

The record of the arrests shows that four different women, who are Chinese citizens from Shanghai in their 40s and 50s, were arrested as a result of the operation. The arrest reports detailed that the women performed various sex acts on the officer while he was nude, and that he paid them between $400 and $500 in department funds during the course of the investigation. None of the women implicated in the sting possessed a legitimate license to perform work as a professional masseuse from the Florida Department of Health. Some of the women possessed driver’s licenses that listed the address of the spa as their permanent address, which raised human trafficking concerns. The women are facing criminal charges for prostitution and performing massages without a license. It is unclear whether the officer who engaged in the sex acts with the women will be disciplined. 

Spending tax dollars on police misconduct

Police officers sometimes engage in various forms of misconduct that wastes taxpayer money. In this situation, it seems obvious that the officer could have had probable cause to make an arrest without pursuing the process to the point where he had exchanged hundred of dollars for multiple sexual favors. Every department has an internal affairs division that is supposed to investigate these kinds of incidents, but they do not always follow through with actually disciplining an officer. A person who is affected by the officer’s actions should always get their own lawyer to have the best chance of receiving some kind of legitimate remedy.   

Remedies for those affected by police wrongdoing

When someone is victimized by a wrongful arrest or a police officer’s abuse of authority, they can contact a lawyer and have the attorney file a civil rights lawsuit on their behalf. Civil cases against the police seek financial damages related to losses such as missed time from work, physical injuries, and trauma related to the incident. These damages are proportional to the amount of harm that the person has suffered. 

Speak with a local legal professional about police misconduct

There are lawyers available in Broward County and other nearby parts of Florida who focus on cases on police brutality and misconduct. Use the directory on to find a local lawyer who can assist you. 

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