Joseph Griffin, a Black male, was out jogging in Florida last month when he was detained for a brief period. A former military veteran and a registered healthcare provider, Griffin was enquired by deputies who thought he met a burglar’s description. While the story in itself was very vague and generic, the deputies informed Griffin repeatedly that he was not being arrested and was just being detained because he fit the description for somebody they were looking for. 


Need for police brutality lawyers 


The deputies in Griffin’s case were cautious and judicious in their use of power and authority. However, the same can not be said for many instances of injustice wherein people of minority races or ethnicities face police brutality. It’s not uncommon for African American individuals to face the brunt of police aggression, such as in George Floyd, who was suffocated to death, or Jacob Blake, who is paralyzed after being shot by the police in Wisconsin. The law protects all citizens against such unfair practices, and many police brutality lawyers devote their skills to fight against good. With the increased discussions on police brutality, rampant incidents have come to the limelight. The task of a police brutality attorney is to hold such police officers accountable and provide legal assistance to the victim and their family. 


Fighting incidents of police brutality


After Griffin was approached by the deputies and informed of his temporary detainment, he began to live-stream the incident on his Facebook profile. Griffin was nervous, despite maintaining a calm demeanor. He even went on to address his social-media followers and asked them to “raise hell” if something were to happen to him. The description that had caused this incident to occur was a black male with a beard, wearing dark shorts and a white tank top. This particular incident might not seem racially motivated, but many such detainments are. Police brutality has no place in a system where constitutional rights protect people. In such situations, reaching out to the best police brutality attorneys is the right option. 


Griffin’s story ends at a happier note than is the case with most African Americans detained on racial grounds. The deputies allowed him to leave as a free man after thirteen minutes of inspection and double-checking. While he maintained his calm due to prior experience as a law enforcement officer himself, Griffin confessed that the incident was quite scary even for him. Others might not be as lucky as Griffin, in which case they shouldn’t wait a second before contacting a criminal defense lawyer


The County Sheriff Mike Chitwood, expressed contentment over how both parties handled a tricky situation. Chitwood offered Griffin a job as a deputy and asked him to talk about his entire department’s experience. However, in such cases. portal helps you find attorneys specialized in accidents, insurance claims, and personal injury across the nation. As such, with, you find lawyers who can handle your legal disputes and get you justice.