A Baton Rouge police officer was captured on video beating a man outside of a bar in the Tigerland neighborhood near LSU.

Officer punches an intoxicated patron outside of a bar

The footage begins with the officer throwing several punches at a man who is already bleeding and on the ground. A careful viewing of the video shows ten punches thrown at the suspect by the officer within just a few seconds. Eventually, others in the area break the two of them apart. The man who was beaten was charged with disturbing the peace, public intoxication, resisting a police officer, and battery on a police officer for his actions that night. 

The officer’s version of the story says that while on routine patrol in the area, an employee of the venue, called Reggie’s Bar, and flagged him down and complained about a customer who was causing problems, getting violent, and refusing to leave. The altercation escalated when the officer arrived on the scene and asked the suspect to vacate the area. 

An investigation revealed that the officer in question had prior disciplinary issues, including using profanity while on the job and during traffic stops just a month earlier. He was suspended for two days for those offenses. The Baton Rouge department said he was still assigned to the uniformed division when they first spoke with the media. They later confirmed that an internal affairs investigation was underway, however the investigation could last up to 60 days. The chief asked for patience from the public while they conducted their own formal review. 

The media reviewed some of the officer’s body camera footage, and found that he displayed a pattern of behavior where he would curse and use profanity while engaging with individuals for traffic stops or handcuffing them during an arrest. Aside from the previously mentioned two day suspension, it seems that the department has not done anything to deter this kind of behavior. 

The victim had not filed a formal complaint or taken any kind of legal action against the officer at the time of the news report. 

Violations of civil rights and lawsuits

There are various laws which state that police officers or other government employees cannot use their authority to deprive people of their civil rights. When someone is injured or unlawfully arrested, these laws are often used as the basis for a lawsuit in civil court. An attorney for the victim can argue that the police officer’s actions resulted in various forms of harm, including the need for medical treatment, loss of employment and income, and damage to their personal reputation. 

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