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Can victims of Maryland police bias-based profiling sue after a car chase accident?

Maryland – February 13, 2021 Bias-based profiling. Bias-based profiling is a form of police misconduct that occurs when misguided police officers overstep their authoritative boundaries by seeking out individuals based solely on preconceived prejudicial judgments due to race, religion, sexual orientation, or economic status and violate their civil rights. This type of police brutality is […]


How do victims of police brutality initiate a formal complaint in Gary Indiana?

Indiana – February 10, 2021 Police officer interaction with communities and individual citizens is under intense scrutiny as encounters have highlighted incidents related to excessive force and prejudice named often, leading to severe physical, emotional, and fatal injury.  Even though the incidence of excessive use of force is relatively low compared to the many police […]


Can police officers be sued in Honolulu Hawaii for police brutality actions?

Hawaii – February 10, 2021 After a citizen complaint of police brutality, the Professional Standards Office is charged with ensuring the integrity of the Honolulu Police Department by conducting fair and impartial investigations into allegations of police misconduct. The division is divided into four sections: Administrative Investigation, Criminal Investigation, Quality Assurance, and Accreditation.  A police […]


Can an inmate sue a corrections deputy in Indian River Florida?

Florida – January 13, 2021 Excessive force is a form of police brutality.  A situation involving violence against an inmate has led to a now-former corrections deputy with the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office being accused of using excessive force with proof of the encounter caught on camera.  The officer faces a charge of battery […]


What are the dangerous effects of police implicit bias in Baltimore Maryland?

Maryland – February 5, 2021 When police officers develop positive relationships and are perceived as professional, caring, and fair to all, regardless of race, gender or religion, officers and communities will benefit through mutual respect and trust. Positive interaction fosters a climate where law enforcement personnel can confidently perform their duties, knowing that they have […]