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Maha Rehman is an expert in digital marketing, and a Certified Medical Writer (MWC). She completed her HBSc and Digital Marketing Management Certificate from the University of Toronto. She loves learning different marketing and writing techniques and holds a Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) as well asa certificate in writing from Stanford University. She has been creating SEO content and legal articles for the last five years. Aside from creating marketing, legal and medical content; Maha loves creative writing. Several of her poems are published, and she is the author of the novel Sole Silence.

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Nevada, What Can Stop Police Misconduct?

If police officers are guilty of carrying out constitutional violations, they can be investigated, and possibly even be held to account, by the Department of Justice. If any police officer willfully subjects a person to a deprivation of their constitutional rights, they should be reported, and they may be penalized for their actions. To hold […]


Nebraska, Preventing Police Brutality and Misconduct

Whenever a person is confronted by an officer, they should make sure they do everything in their power to remain calm and communicate politely. Officers have stressful jobs and if a person moves hastily or they speak aggressively, officers may see their actions as threatening and this can result in them using excessive force and […]


Montana, Stopping Police Coerced Confessions

Police officers are sometimes found guilty of failing to uphold their duties. Instead of serving justice, some officers decide to prioritize their own opinions and personal agendas and this manifests in them excessively harming and violating the basic rights of the unfortunate victims they choose to confront. Most police officers deserve a lot of respect […]


Reacting to Police Jail Abuse and Neglect in Missouri

Police officers are supposed to uphold the law, but the unfortunate truth is they aren’t always on the side of justice. Sometimes officers allow themselves to take advantage of the power and qualified immunity that the law grants them. Anyone who was abused at the hands of a police officer should make sure they reach […]


Minnesota, Discussing Actionable Police Behavior

Police officers are required to investigate crimes and arrest anyone who does wrong. Officers lawfully use force and strategic methods when they are carrying out their official duties. Even though officers are given a lot of authority due to the complicated nature of their work, they are not allowed to exceed their authority and cross […]


Florida, What Laws Protect Me from Police Brutality?

When police officers use excessive force and harm victims without any valid reason, they are committing acts of police brutality. Unfortunately, police brutality is very common and many times these actions of unjustifiable aggression done by officers are targeted towards minority groups or towards those of a specific ethnic background and socioeconomic status. As sad […]


Alabama, why is Police Misconduct so Common?

Police misconduct and police brutality are very common and have been part of the police system since the very beginning. Over the years, the law has intervened and decreased the amount of power given to officers to help control the level of brutality occurring. Though there has been a significant improvement over the years, police […]


New Jersey, What Comes Under Police Misconduct?

When a person is abused by an officer they should firstly, make sure they do not physically fight back with the officer and they should also make sure they remain calm. Making sudden movement, even if it is just to reach for one’s ID, should be avoided at all costs. A person should be very […]