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Can a person in Illinois defend themselves from the police?

When an individual comes in contact with a police officer who is being persistent, violent, or aggressive, the best thing they can do is comply with the officer’s commands and wait until an opportunity arises where they can contact an Illinois police brutality lawyer. Individuals who attempt to defend themselves from the police may be […]


How much is a police brutality claim worth in Colorado?

Police brutality claims are valued differently as it depends on the circumstances surrounding the incident. Was the individual injured as result of having excessive force applied? How severe were his/her injuries? Were the victim’s rights violated during their encounter with the police officer? Are they now struggling to get their life back on track because […]


How hard is it to sue a police officer in Florida?

A bad encounter with a Florida police officer may not only result in an individual feeling uneasy and distraught, but it may also have them questioning whether there is anything they can do to hold the officer accountable for the manner in which they were treated. Can they file a complaint or lawsuit? Will they […]


Is it possible to sue a cop in Connecticut?

It is possible to sue a cop in Connecticut if the officer caused a person to suffer physical and/or psychological injuries are a result of applying excessive force or violating their rights. Police officers are given a substantial amount of power, however, this power only extends so far. While police can arrest an individual and […]


What are some examples of police misconduct?

Denver, CO—Police misconduct can range from an officer using someone’s race or gender as their basis for making a stop (i.e. biased-based policing) to forcefully throwing a person to the ground who complied with all the officer’s commands. While there are different levels of police misconduct, all can affect a person in a multitude of […]