Like many teens, Brad Levi Ayala, 16, was attending a protest in Austin this past weekend that supported police reform, and of course, George Floyd. While many of these protests have remained calm and civilized, this particular protest took a turn for the worst after an Austin officer shot Ayala in the head with a bean bag round. A bean bag round is considered to be less lethal and is typically used to apprehend a suspect without having to apply deadly force.

CBS Austin reported that prior to the incident, Ayala was seen standing alone on a hill during the protest. In a video that captured the incident, an officer is also seen standing near Ayala holding something to his face. Moments later, a “loud crack” is heard. Ayala then goes limp and falls before the officer. Videos captured other protestors nearby rush over to Ayala, pick him up, and carry him down a hill while asking him questions to keep him conscious, the news source says. Ayala was then transported to Dell Children’s Medical Center where he had to undergo surgery.

Seven hours later, Ayala began what his family believes is going to be a difficult recovery.

While Ayala was fortunate enough to have not suffered permanent brain damage, he did need a skin graft and will be left with a permanent scar on his head. The source says he is also at risk for infection. While family members did say that the teen was in a lot of pain following the surgical procedure, they know “he’s strong” and that he is “going to be fine.”

The family told the news source that Ayala had attended the protest alone after finishing his work shift at an Austin deli.


Austin Police Chief Speaks Out Regarding the Incident Involving Ayala


After the incident, Police Chief Brian Manley addressed that incident and another involving a 20-year-old who was accidentally shot by Austin officers. Manly said, “That is not what we set out to do as a police department.” The 20-year-old was critically injured after he too was hit with a bean bag round. The officer who shot him intended on shooting another protestor who had thrown a bottle at the officers. Instead, he hit the wrong individual.

While more and more people stepping forward to protest against police brutality, it appears more are suffering injuries at the hands of police officers. If you or someone you know was injured by an Austin, TX police officer, is here to help you locate an Austin, TX police misconduct lawyer who can defend your rights. If you were harmed, harassed, wrongfully arrested, or mistreated in any other way, a police brutality lawyer in Austin, TX would be more than happy to help you understand your legal rights.

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