Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been mocked numerous times on the TV show, “Saturday Night Live,” but the cast of the show aren’t the only ones guilty of doing so.  In a video that recently surfaced dated back to June 2017, we are learning that Sessions may have been mocking an intern in the audience who was asking a serious question regarding police brutality and misconduct. In the video, we hear and see Sessions somewhat disregard a question posed by an intern working at the Justice Department. Interns attended this meeting where they were able to ask some unfiltered questions which would give them “an intimate look at how his personal beliefs shape his view of the law” [Source: Mediaite].

But, when this question was posed, Sessions’ response wasn’t exactly the one you would want to hear when tackling such a sensitive topic. The intern “questioned him about minorities who often live in fear of police brutality.” The gentleman posing the question attends University of California at Berkeley and stated that he grew up in the projects, which is a term that is commonly used to refer to an area with homes that are occupied by low-income individuals. The crime rate in the projects is generally higher than that of other communities which attract the attention of many police officers. The male intern also stated that many of the people living in these neighborhoods aren’t fearful of each other, rather they are scared of the police.


Perhaps this intern was trying to clarify a misconception that many individuals living in the projects fear one another.


Sessions immediately responded in a dismissive tone with, “Well, that may be the view in Berkeley, but it’s not the view in most places in the country.” The intern replied rather quickly with, “It is the view in Columbus, Ohio where the police just stomped on a gentleman’s head.” The fact is, individuals who aren’t forced to live in fear of police have a difficult time understanding the concept. There are a handful of individuals in society who are under the impression that law enforcement officers aren’t here to inflict harm unto others, rather they just want to protect and serve. But, there are officers out in the field who abuse their rights and harm others simply because they can.

And the fact that Sessions responded in the manner that he did didn’t sit well with many. Between his response and the smirk on his face, it is almost as if he doesn’t really care about the issue of police brutality. The fact is, Berkeley isn’t the only place that lives in fear of police officers. Acts of police brutality have occurred in various states across the U.S. and it has become a rather serious issue that is in need of being addressed.

While Sessions might not share sympathy for those who are currently living in fear of police officers, individuals can help bring awareness of this crime by coming forward with their own claims. can help you find a nearby police brutality lawyer in Columbus, OH if you are the victim of police misconduct or know someone who was.