It was on a Friday night in June when Rayshard Brooks, 27 was found sleeping in his car in a Wendy’s drive-thru in Atlanta. A 911 call was placed after the vehicle was discovered and it wasn’t long after that Atlanta police officers arrived at the scene. An eyewitness told CNN that by the time officers arrived, Brooks’ vehicle had been moved into a parking space.

Once officers made contact with Brooks, they asked him to submit to a field sobriety test which he failed. As a result, officers attempted to place Brooks under arrest. Brooks allegedly began resisting and a tussle broke out between him and two officers. At one point, Brooks was accused of grabbing one of the officers’ stun guns and took off running. An officer is then seen firing his stun gun at Brooks three times as he runs away. At one point, sources say Brooks aimed the weapon at the officers and that is when former officer Garrett Rolfe, who is no longer employed as an Atlanta police officer, shot his firearm at Brooks.

An eyewitness who recorded the incident said Brooks was still breathing after being shot. Unfortunately, Brooks passed away as a result of the gunshot wounds he suffered. He was a husband and father to three girls and a stepson.


Criminal Charges are Filed


After the incident occurred, protestors flooded the streets seeking reform and justice. It was long after the fatal shooting that Garrett Rolfe was fired from the Atlanta Police Department and Devin Brosnan, the other officer involved, was placed on administrative duty. The attorney hired to represent Brooks’ family said that “there was no reason to use deadly force against Brooks, who was running away.” The attorney claims that officers in the past have argued that a stun gun is not a deadly weapon, therefore the officer should not have responded with deadly force. The family’s lawyer also pointed out that officers waited two minutes and 16 seconds before they began providing aid to Brooks.

After being fired from the department, 11 charges were filed against Garrett Rolfe, which include felony murder [Source: CBS News]. Brosnan has been charged with aggravated assault and oath violations. Rolfe was recently seen in court where he was granted bond. During the hearing, the attorney hired to represent Rolfe said the former officer was “acting in self-defense” and had “no choice but to use deadly force.”


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