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Police misconduct and use of excessive force by law enforcement officers are issues which are increasingly in the forefront all over the country and for good reason. While it is true that law enforcement officers are taxed with the duty to protect us and enforce laws, there are certain protocols and regulations that they need to abide by too.

Sadly, with power comes abuse, and some law enforcement officers do abuse their power and commit things such as police brutality, use of excessive force, discrimination, racial profiling, police misconduct, wrongful arrest, bad warrants, and a lot more.

If you happen to be a victim of one or more of these and you believe that your civil rights were infringed by law enforcement officers in any way or form then you should reach out to a legal professional at the earliest to assess what sort of action you can take and how you can go about receiving the compensation you deserve. Please note that the laws governing police brutality varies on a case to case basis.

With that said, is here for you. We exist to give the powerless power. Get that marvelous and awesome legal professional and do this the right and legal way. This is America, not South Africa or Russia. People matter here!

The many ugly faces of police brutality

All of the following and more come under the umbrella of police misconduct in general:

Some more forms of police brutality have been elaborated on below

Baton beatings – The moment a suspect has been subdued with a baton, the police are trained and required to stop using it any further. Also, many law enforcement units simply prohibit their officers from using batons on the heads of people, because it can very easily lead to paralysis, brain/spinal cord injuries, and even death.

Gun usage – We all know about the recent events where some innocent person lost their life because of misuse of firearms by a tiny select few in the law enforcement community. Officers should resort to guns as an absolute last resort or in order to protect themselves from being fired at. Sadly, this is not always the case and officers that violate these rules must most certainly be held accountable.

High speed chases – When a high speed chase turns too dangerous and there is a risk that a third party might get hurt in the chase, officers should call it off. Once again, time and again, we have seen officers persist and it never ends well; though this is a tough since no one likes it when criminals get away and put others in danger. transfers power to the people

If you believe that you have been mishandled by or subjected to any form of police brutality, irrespective of how trivial or severe it is, we urge you to contact an experienced Arkansas police brutality lawyer as soon as possible. We can help you get connected with the best legal pros who can take action and see that you win damages.

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