Tucson, AZ police brutality lawyers

If a Tucson, AZ police officer injures you during an arrest and you need immediate medical attention, he/she is required to contact the appropriate personnel who can provide this to you.

Whether police officers want to admit it or not, there are certain policies outlined by their department that they are required to abide by that if violated, could lead to them being criminally prosecuted and/or being terminated from their position. One policy officers in Tucson, AZ must adhere to is the Injury to Prisoners or Damage to Property policy. When a police officer makes an arrest, he or she is “responsible for the safety and protection of the arrestee while in Department custody” [Source:Tucson Police Department]. In the event the arrestee is injured, becomes ill, or suffers from some other type of medical condition, it is the duty of the arresting officer to ensure that the detained individual receives the appropriate medical attention.


Unfortunately, there are instances where an officer may have applied force on an individual that would be considered excessive which results in him or her neglecting to get the arrestee the medical help needed to prevent from being recognized for their act of misconduct. This sometimes results in a person suffering from a serious medical condition or worse—suffering from fatal injuries. If a Tucson, AZ police officer injured you during an arrest and refused to get you the medical attention you needed, you should speak to a qualified police brutality attorney in Tucson, AZ regarding this to find out what form of legal action you are permitted to take to hold the officer accountable for their actions.


Not only are officers required to get an arrestee the medical help they need if they suffer from a medical condition, injury, or an illness, but the Tucson Police Department’s policy also stipulates that they must document the need for medical attention in a written report. They should also notify their supervisor “as soon as it is practicable” and complete an Injured Person Report if the suspect suffers an injury during the time they are being detained. If the officer is responsible for causing the individual to suffer an injury, they are expected to document the incident in a Multi-Purpose Report also.


Who can help me recognize an officer for failing to get me the help I needed during the time I was being detained in Tucson, AZ?


Tucson, AZ police brutality lawyers

If a Tucson officer failed to provide you with medical help during an arrest after suffering an injury, you will want to speak with a local police brutality lawyer regarding this.

When an officer refuses to get an arrestee the medical assistance they need, they could be putting that person’s health at risk not to mention their life on the line. Therefore, if an officer was aware you needed medical help but neglected to get it for you, the Tucson, AZ police brutality lawyers USAttorneys.com can connect you with can assist you with holding that officer liable for their negligence and even their actions if they applied excessive force and caused you to suffer an injury.

If you would like to be connected with an attorney in your area now to discuss your incident with who can outline the steps you will need to take to report the officer and recover compensation for the pain and suffering he/she has caused you to experience, contact USAttorneys.com and let us help you find a lawyer now.

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