When a person suffers losses due to an unfair encounter with a police officer then they are generally entitled to receiving compensation for the pain they were forced to endure.

There are 3 main forms of damage that a person can be compensated for financially during a trial.

  1. Compensatory damage
  2. General damage
  3. Punitive damage

Compensatory damage

Compensatory damage is the most commonly claimed and also the most commonly granted by the court because this form of damage is the most identifiable. A person can earn financial compensation for their bills which they accumulate due to their encounter with the police officer. This can include medical bills, attorney fees, and the cost of any surgical procedures which a person needs to go through in order to recover appropriately from their injury. They can also be compensated for any wages lost due to their injury as well.

General damage

General damage is often claimed alongside compensatory damage and it entails any intangible sort of damage a person suffered. Physical pain and emotional pain comes under general damage. General damage is often granted by the courts and it is not very difficult to attain. General damages are normally granted when a person has suffered a lot due to the officers actions. However, it is not granted as commonly as compensatory damage because it can be difficult to analyze exactly how much monetary compensation a person will need in order to get the appropriate counseling to get over their pain and suffering.

Punitive damage

Punitive damages are the rarest form out of the three when it comes to actually winning the monetary compensation in court. Punitive damages are basically financial compensation the officer has to pay as a punishment for acting out. It may be hard to get this sort of financial compensation but it is definitely not impossible. Punitive damages have more chances of being granted if an officer acted in a clearly outrageous and hateful manner towards their victim.

When regular every-day people get harassed or assaulted by a police officer, the victims are generally afraid to act out because they feel like their words will not be heard against those of an officer who holds so much authority. However, this is far from the truth. Officers can and will be penalized for their actions if a person has enough evidence to prove that the encounter actually occurred.

Anyone who has been harassed by an officer needs to seek legal counsel through a police brutality attorney in Chandler, AZ. The constitution protects all individuals from having their basic human rights violated and a person needs to make sure that they are well educated on their rights so that they can fight their case appropriately in court. A lawyer can educate a person on their rights and help them figure out which damages they can claim regarding their unpleasant encounter with the police officer.

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