When an officer of the law unholsters their firearm and aims it at a suspectprepared to fire,it means they are willing to apply deadly force. Now, according to the Arizona Police Department’s Use of Force Policy, an officer is expected to resort todeadly force only “when other measures are not practical” or if one of the following circumstances apply:

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When a police officer feels threatened or as if their life is in danger, they are permitted to apply deadly force, however, they should only turn to their firearm as a last resort.

  • The officer believes such force is “reasonable to protect themselves or a third person from another’s use, or threatened use, of deadly force.”
  • The officer is trying to prevent a suspect from escaping who he/she has probable cause to believe has committed an offense that involves “the infliction or threat of serious physical injury or death and is likely to endanger human life or cause serious injury to another unless [detained] without delay.”
  • The officer must “overcome” the suspect who is attacking him/her and believes the suspect “would produce serious physical injury or death to the employee or another person.”


As the policy mentions, deadly force should only be utilized as a last resort, however, it also stipulates that if any of the techniques that have been taught to the officer “are not practical” based on the circumstances in a situation, he/she may “resort to any reasonable method to overcome the attack.” Now, based on the guidelines that are outlined in the department’s policies, it is clear that officers should not be pulling out their firearms unless there is a reason to believe their life or someone else’s is being threatened. Unfortunately, many will resort to unholstering their firearm when they encounter someone during a routine traffic stop or another casual encounter simply because they hold the right to do so.

When an officer pulls out their weapon on someone without a justifiable reason for doing so, it causes a sense of distrust to develop between the community and its officers. People who are pulled over become more fearful and uneasy as they don’t know how their encounter will pan out. In the event a Phoenix, AZ police officer pulled out their firearm on you or someone you know and did not have reasonable grounds to do so, you are encouraged to contact a Phoenix, AZ police brutality attorney who can help you file a complaint against the officer.

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If you are looking to seek justice against a Phoenix, AZ police officer who mistreated you or violated your rights, contact a knowledgeable and aggressive police brutality lawyer in Phoenix today.

The truth is, unless you report an officer for their misconduct, he/she will continue to engage in that behavior causing others to suffer as well. Therefore, the most effective way to combat police misconduct is to report it to the right department so that action can be taken. With that said, if you would like a police brutality attorney in Phoenix, AZ to help you file your complaint or explain what your legal rights are in the matter, contact USAttorneys.com today to get connected with a legal expert in your area.


In the event a police officer in Phoenix violated your rights or mistreated you in some way, it is especially important that you retain an attorney who has experience with handling police brutality cases.

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