The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is responsible for looking into any crimes which violate federal laws. These crimes include:

  • Hate crimes
  • Crimes committed due to a person’s religion or ethnicity
  • Crimes committed due to a person’s sexual orientation
  • Involuntary slavery
  • Color of law abuse of authority

The FBI does, indeed, have the authority to investigate cases of police brutality in Mesa, Arizona. As mentioned above, they are responsible for examining cases involving individuals who represent color of law who manage to somehow abuse their power. A police officer comes under this category. Police officers act in the name of the law and that is why it is such a serious matter when they end up taking away a person’s rights and violating the law themselves.

The FBI is also responsible for investigating cases in which the following violations take place:

  • Violation of the civil rights act of 1964
  • Violation of the voting rights act of 1965
  • Violation of the freedom of access to clinic entrances act
  • Violation of the equal credit opportunity act
  • Violation of the institutionalized person’s act
  • Violation of the hate crimes prevention act
  • Violation of the trafficking victims protection rights act

If a person is seen violating any of the above laws, no matter what sort of authority that person holds in society, they are subject to investigation by the FBI and they can and will be held accountable once they have been found guilty of the crime.

How can I report a case of police brutality to the FBI?

It’s actually relatively easy to report any form of suspicious activity to the FBI. They have an online form through which a person can submit tips and other information about crimes being committed in the city. A person can also get in touch with the FBI office throughout the week to report their case of police brutality.

However, the FBI is not the only group of individuals who a person should contact. Police brutality lawyers in Arizona should definitely also be contacted, especially if a person faced the brutality themselves. Lawyers can help a person file their complaints in all the right places and then further gather all of the required documents and evidence to take legal action.

FBI investigates two cases of police brutality in Arizona

On August 29, 2018 the FBI reported that two cases of police brutality were under investigation by the FBI. These two cases were very severe as the police officers were literally punching and beating minors as seen on surveillance camera for allegedly no real reason. The reason the FBI stepped in was because the Scottsdale police department had deemed the actions of the offending police officers as completely acceptable interactions.

If anyone has faced police brutality or if their friends or family members have been unjustly beaten by a police officer they should not be afraid to step forward and file their complaints to all of the right authorities. The FBI does investigate cases of police brutality so they can be contacted if anyone finds themselves in such a situation. It’s also always a good idea to contact an attorney in order to figure out where one’s case stand in the eyes of the law and what they can do to earn back compensation for the pain they endured.

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