Police officers have a difficult job to carry out on a day to day basis. They have the responsibility of ensuring the streets of Greenville, SC remain safe from all forms of crime. Because of the danger which often accompanies their jobs, officers have also be given a certain degree of liberty by the law when it comes to how much physical force or violence they are allowed to use in order to carry through with their jobs in the best manner possible.

Even though police officers are allowed to use their strength, their weapons, and sometimes even their police dogs to help them subdue dangerous offenders, there are still certain rules which have been put in place by the law to restrict them from the amount of force they can use and in order to limit the situations in which they are allowed to use such excessive force.

Can an officer use deadly force?

Deadly force is when an officer uses a lethal weapon or maneuver while pursuing a suspect. Police officers are allowed to use deadly force if they have a strong reason to believe the suspect is armed and has the potential to badly hurt those around them, and they can also use deadly force if they believe it is necessary in order to prevent the escape of the suspect.

When should I call a lawyer on a police officer?

Every individual should understand their rights so they are aware of when they need to take legal action against the actions of an officer. Many individuals make the mistake of believing they deserved the mistreatment they received from an officer during the arrest. If a person was being arrested for a crime and they were unarmed and compliant the officer has no reason to use excessive force against them. In such a scenario excessive force can include:

  • Using weapons
  • Sending out police dogs
  • Physically hitting the suspect

Officers are only allowed to carry out the above if the suspect is fighting back, resisting arrest, and seems to be dangerous in one way or the other. If none of these apply, and an individual had submitted themselves to the officer and the officer still used force against them they should call a police brutality attorney in Greenville, SC to help them get the justice they deserve.

Naturally, if a person really was guilty of a crime they will be charged with that crime. However, the brutality they experienced at the hands of the officer can be used as a means to reduce their charges, or even have them removed completely depending on the nature of the crime that was committed.  A person should never underestimate the power of the law with regards to protecting their basic human rights. Everyone has the right to be safe from physical harm, especially from the hands of those who are acting under color of law such as police officers. If these basic rights are violated then legal action can be pursued to help reduce the chances of such occurrences happening again.





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