Police are often caught using an absurd amount of violence and force to detain suspects for non-violent offenses. This is obviously unnecessary and usually results in lawsuits.

An incident of police violence in Austin Texas began with a suspect who was apparently jaywalking, then quickly apprehended and beaten by officers in the area.

Jaywalkers beaten in busy part of downtown Austin

At the beginning of the video clip, two black pedestrians are approached by white police officers as they cross the street in the busy 6th Street area that is known for its nightlife. The area tends to get heavy foot traffic at that time due to many attractions nearby. The police run up to the two men and push them up against a storefront window. After one man is detained and handcuffed, the camera pans to a group of police with the second man who are hitting him multiple times. The victim and others nearby can be heard asking the police why he is being hit and questioning what he did wrong.

A spokesperson from the Austin police issued a statement that the incidents would be investigated and action would be taken if necessary.

Use of force protocols

Unfortunately, many incidents of police brutality do begin with arrests for minor criminal offenses such as traffic stops or disagreements. Police always have an advantage in these situations because they can arrest someone at any time and come up with reasons to justify their actions later. Even though police try to come up with ways to protect themselves, cases such as this which are captured on video can provide clear evidence that use for force protocols have been violated.

While use of force protocols are set locally and can vary slightly based on the department, the general rule is that the level of force that police can use much match the danger created by the crime. Police also receive training at the police academy related to use of force, along with safe and proper ways to detain suspects without causing injuries.

Most law enforcement protocols allow police to use an appropriate level of force to secure the area and prevent further injuries or property damage. However, for non-violent crimes, there is little or no need to use force based on most protocols. There is also never a reason to use force once a suspect has been detained and poses no threat to the officers or members of the public nearby.

When there is a clear violation of these protocols a victim has a strong reason to file a lawsuit related to police brutality. A skilled lawyer who routinely handles these kinds of cases will know how to make the right arguments so that the victim can collect the most possible money allowed by law.

Speak with a police brutality attorney today

Lawyers who specialize in filing cases against police departments are available to assist you in Austin and nearby parts of Texas. For more information about this process, contact the Robson Law Firm. An experienced lawyer can provide advice based on the specifics of your situation.

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