Pennsylvania – January 31, 2021

A 19-year-old man suffering a health crisis was fatally shot by police officers responding to a call of a distraught man on the bridge at the Route 33 southbound overpass over I-80 in Hamilton Township in Pennsylvania on Dec. 30, Pennlive reported. The man succumbed to injury at the hospital where authorities claim he was in possession of a firearm.  It was reported that when officers ordered him to drop the weapon, he became uncooperative at which time he picked the gun from the ground and pointed it in the officer’s direction.  These actions will need to be investigated by the police department.  A police brutality attorney may guide loved ones who have suffered harmful loss.

National interest.

Recent excessive force death actions occurring during police encounters have grabbed the National spotlight and forced a much needed conversation toward necessary policing changes in 2020.  Congress is currently creating legislation to address inequities in the criminal justice system that target minority populations, and individuals suffering from mental health crises.

Actions of force.

Police officers allowed “use of force,” but officers must be held accountable if they overstep actions of a “reasonable person” during the tense and volatile encounters, while performing their policing duties.  Excessive force is the term used to describe continued force, even after a criminal has been subdued and the situation is being controlled to eliminate danger to others and oneself.  It has often been justified in high intensity situations where the potential for serious bodily harm, mass bodily harm, and death were present, leaving some unethical police officers to carry this over to encounters where no or low force is necessary.

 Wrongful death damages.

Damages may include hospital/medical expenses; past and future lost wages; emotional distress including depression and anxiety; physical pain and suffering; and loss of love and companionship due to a death, or serious injury caused by police brutality.  Personal injury lawyers will utilize the supporting laws to build a case against negative illegal police encounters when victim’s rights are violated.

There are experienced attorneys who can help police brutality victims in Pennsylvania by:

  • Filing a formal department complaint,
  • Researching and applying current laws,
  • Filing civil or criminal lawsuits in court
  • Hiring a legal support team,
  • Preparing the court appearance,
  • Representing victims in court, and
  • Effectively mediating for a fair settlement.

 Hire a lawyer.

 When individuals, or someone they love are victimized by any form of police brutality, they should consult with a legal professional in Pennsylvania who understands civil rights and the negative impacts of police brutality on those who suffer from mental health issues.