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Although it isn’t common to see an officer go to jail or face any sort of punishment for engaging in an act of misconduct, you do stand a better chance at getting them recognized for their inappropriate behavior when you hire a FL police brutality lawyer.

Despite the authority and power a Fort Lauderdale police officer has, all are required to know and follow the Rules of Conduct of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. Like any place of employment, these Rules of Conduct explain the rules employees are expected to abide by, the behavior that will and will not be tolerated, and the manner in which an employee must conduct themselves while on duty. When an officer of the law fails to adhere to one or more of The Rules of Conduct, he or she may be reprimanded for their lack of compliance.

If you’re wondering how often Fort Lauderdale police are reprimanded, whether it involves them being placed on probation or being fired, you may be displeased to know that many police officers who are guilty of violating the rules and engaging in an act of misconduct are not subject to any type of disciplinary action. However, police brutality attorneys are aggressively working to combat this. Therefore, if you were physically, verbally, or sexually abused by an officer in Fort Lauderdale, FL and are ready to exercise your rights as a citizen, you need to contact Michael D. Weinstein, PA.


Times when a Fort Lauderdale police officer faced disciplinary action for their inappropriate behavior.


  • On January 1, 2019, an officer faced a five-day suspension period after repeatedly shoving a person to the ground [Source: Sun Sentinel].


  • In 2018, Officer Victor Ramirez was caught on video throwing down a homeless man and slapping him while he was sitting on the ground [Source: Local 10 ABC News].The officer was also heard in the video footage threatening to beat up the man who had been sleeping on a bench at the central bus station in downtown Fort Lauderdale. While the victim recovered $45,000 after a settlement agreement was reached with the department, Ramirez was only subject to serve a 20-day suspension. Ramirez had been charged with misdemeanor battery and falsifying records in criminal court, but he was acquitted on those charges and permitted to continue working once he served his 20-day suspension period.


  • Three Broward County officers were charged after video captured them punching and slamming a 15-year-old boy to the ground during a “brutal arrest outside of a McDonalds” [Source: ABC News]. Two of the officers were charged with battery, falsifying records, and conspiracy to falsify records while the third was charged with falsifying records and conspiracy. Although the charges may not hold up in court or the officers may walk away with a charge of a lesser degree, they have been recognized for the various acts of misconduct they participated in.


What should I do if a Fort Lauderdale, FL is guilty of misconduct?


The Fort Lauderdale Police Department recognizes that some of the “people with whom an officer comes into contact are individuals with varying problems and emotions, but regardless of their circumstances, they are entitled to fair and courteous treatment by Police Department employees” [Source: Fort Lauderdale Police Department]. Therefore, if a Fort Lauderdale, FL police officer failed to follow one or more of the Rules of Conduct or engaged in one or more of the following acts of misconduct listed below, its time you explore the legal options that are available to you.

police brutality attorneys in Fort Lauderdale

If you need help reporting a Fort Lauderdale, FL police officer for misconduct or wish to file a lawsuit against him or her, Michael D. Weinstein, PA is prepared to help you.

  1. Discourtesy, insolence, or acting in an uncivil manner by word or act to any member of the public while acting in an official capacity.
  2. Use of vulgar, obscene, or offensive language while acting in an official capacity.
  3. Intentionally making an unlawful arrest.
  4. Careless or reckless use of a firearm, baton, or other weapon.
  5. Unnecessary use of force, also referred to as excessive force.
  6. Excessive response to resistance.
  7. Carrying or using any unauthorized equipment.

[Source:Fort Lauderdale Police Department].


If you are ready to speak with a Fort Lauderdale, FL police brutality attorney nearby to you now contact Michael D. Weinstein, PA.


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