Justice has been served in Brooklyn, NY after police officers attempted to frame a man for a DWI charge and were called out for their misconduct. Although there are many officers who have gotten away with similar crimes, this man wasn’t prepared to accept a charge for an offense, he simply didn’t commit.


According to New York Daily News, Oliver Wiggins,33, was involved in an accident with a police officer back in 2015. He was driving his 2004 Nissan Maxima at the time and while he was actually the victim in the collision, several officers turned the story around making it seem as though he had been driving while intoxicated which is what ultimately led up to the accident occurring. As a result, Wiggins was arrested, charged with impaired driving, had his driver’s license suspended, and even was sent a repair bill for his vehicle damage. His insurance declined to pay for the repairs seeing that the accident was attributed to a “DWI bust.”


Wiggins also had to undergo wrist surgery as it was injured in the accident.


But here’s where things become questionable. Higgins was given a breathalyzer test and it showed that he had no alcohol in his blood. When he arrived at the hospital after the collision, he also volunteered to give a blood sample to be tested for alcohol and drugs and that test came back negative. The EMT and DWI technicians both agreed that Wiggins did not display any signs of intoxication. So, why would these officers wrongfully accuse him of DWI and have him charged for the crime?

It turns out, the charge was a “cover-up for a police officer who ran a marked SUV through a Brooklyn stop sign and plowed into Wiggins’ car.” Now, as an officer of the law, you would suspect that he would have been more concerned with Higgins’ condition as he just crashed into his vehicle. But, it was just the opposite. He wasn’t concerned with his wellbeing, rather, he was ready to let him go down in court with a DWI charge that could potentially affect him the rest of his life. Wiggins wasn’t having it.


The Charges were Dismissed Three Months Later


Although Wiggins wasn’t convicted for DWI, he decided to hire an attorney. Together, they filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn Supreme Court against the city and Joseph, Jason Conway, Greg Gingo, Matthew Sabella, and Chris Connor, all of which are officers who may have had something to do with the cover-up. Aside from lying about the accident, they also claimed that Wiggins was slurring his speech, had watery eyes, and an odor of alcohol was coming from his breath. They

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Although Higgins was able to prove he wasn’t guilty of DWI and was lucky to avoid the charge, he was also awarded a $1 million settlement for the pain and suffering these officers brought upon him.

even claimed they observed him swaying. Wiggins was determined to hold these officers accountable for their misconduct.

Not only did he go on to become a correctional officer, but he was awarded $1 million from the city as officials decided to avoid trial and provide a settlement to him. Although the officers were not formally charged for any of the crimes they committed, Wiggins was rightfully provided with the compensation he deserved for having to undergo the physical and mental suffering caused by this situation.

Although it has been proven to be difficult to recognize an officer of the law for the abuse or misconduct they display, when you have the right help, anything is possible. If you have been mistreated by an officer, wrongfully charged, or lost a family member to police brutality, USAttorneys.com wants to connect you with a legal professional who can help you. The NY police brutality lawyers we work with are skilled in the field and understand what needs to be done so that justice is served.