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What are your workplace rights? There are many things that fall under the umbrella of workplace law including the following:

Let us take a closer look at what these issues are and what your workplace rights are as per the state laws in effect in Alabama.

Workplace discrimination

As the name suggests, employers in Alabama cannot fire an employee simply based on things such as race, ethnicity, age, sex, religion, political views and affiliation, marital status, nationality, physical disabilities, etc. This is because it would be considered discrimination and when such discrimination occurs in a workplace or an office, it is referred to as workplace discrimination.

Likewise, employers cannot refuse to fire an employee based on their age, sex, religion, etc. as well. This too would be considered workplace discrimination.

If this sounds like something that has happened to you or someone you know or work with, then we can help you. We will assist in filing your case or discrimination claim with the EEOC or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The EEOC is a federal organization which is anti-discrimination and they will be able to handle your case by putting in through the right channel. Our legal team will ensure that your case, all relevant documentation and supporting evidence is compiled and sent to the EEOC so that they have everything they need in order to proceed with your case.

Remember that it is your right not to be discriminated against. We can help you maintain the integrity of your rights. This is what we do at Use this sight to your advantage. If the system or some organization has wronged you, strike back legally and ethically and our legal professionals offer you this opportunity.

Wrongful termination

On numerous occasions we have handled cases where an employee is fired since they did something which the employer may not have liked such as whistle blowing, filing workers compensation claims, speaking up against sexual harassment in the workplace, and so on.

As retaliation, the employer may fire the employee. However, it is illegal to terminate an employee this way and is a violation of your workplace rights. This is referred to as wrongful termination and we can help you if something like this has happened to you.

Workplace harassment

Sexual harassment, abuse, and so on which may have occurred in the workplace environment is not only a violation of your workplace rights, but is also a crime. Oftentimes, workers who are being harassed are scared to speak up because they fear retaliation.

However, we will be able to handle such cases for you and make sure the necessary disciplinary actions are taken.

Wage and hour violations

If you are being forced to work overtime without pay, put in extra hours or are being paid an hourly wage which is below the minimum wage, etc. then this is referred to as wage and hour violations.

Serving and protecting Alabama workers and their work place rights

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